@ Monday, September 19, 2011

Things that Make Me Stress:
- late (20 mins) bus when I need to be somewhere at a certain time
- things not going to plan (Plan A & B fails)
- OW not having the exact or remotely similar pink highlighter I need
Goal: to be more flexible than currently (flexibility of a steel rod XD)

Was sick on the weekend, low level of productivity. Another test done :), only law and health left. Died on the weekend. Had that thing where every noise drove me crazy and hurt my head e.g. the humming of the computer, the neighbour hammering next door, people talking. :( I hate that.

Still feeling a bit grossed out from health, and it appears I'm not the only one. We didn't need to know the difference between a miscarriage and stillborn, they both result in the same thing: dead baby. Before that Mr Health talk about some STD/I while looking at me (pretty sure it doesn't mean anything - he's nice) but I still totally freaked and had the urge to throw something at him XD, and no I don't have whatever he's talking about. Meanwhile the soccer/model/2m tall guy behind me is like "eww..." and everyone thought it was hilarious (the STD/I, not me). Mr Health comments on our level of maturity (0) XD.

The bus was 20mins late hence I was late for my next class and as a result had dinner 2hrs later. And the class ended later than expected causing me to miss two trains. Got a pink retractable huge pink highlighter for less than $1 O.O, funny thing, mr health was asking to borrow a highlighter, but he didn't like mine cause it was the "perfect size" (for me), and too small for his hand XD. Went to a grilled burgers place for dinner. Had the "mini me meal", which was small fries (some were perfect), a beef burger with cheese/tomato, and a juice ^^. It was the perfect size for me, though for the boys they'd want at least two kids meals each - or just order a normal massive burger. And the kid's meal came with an activity sheet and cute colouring pencils (the same type you get on the plane). Finally got home at 10pm.

"Mini Me" from Grill'd

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