@ Friday, September 23, 2011

We came 2nd last in house art :), why the ":)"? Because green house usually comes last. Why is it that some houses (e.g. red/yellow) pretty much always win? Oddly this time blue won, oh and green hasn't won the house cup since 1991 or maybe even before (the old board was replaced in 1991). The task was too do/make anything that represented the founder. We cut up an A3 picture of the courtyard named "Founder X's quad" and had everyone stick a piece of it onto another page - like a puzzle, except they were all squares. Yes it was lame compared to the other houses - but the art people did spend a lot of time with the concept, points for effort? Yellow had the best piece of art work: a sculptor/bust of their founder.

Last day of term (for anyone not sitting finals in a month). Still got a big law test on Monday - the LAST one :). Mr health is psyched about no more health tests for the yr XD. I swear he's high on something, probably coffee (and life I'm told). Lots of traffic after the bell, buses going to the airport, lots of luggage. 

They're planning a house night, and everyone has to bring food (and I don't mean go buy a $3 cake from Walmart). I first thought of the Croquembouchewhich jas wants as his wedding "cake". I call it dessert, but not a wedding cake. Then this...

Macaron Tower
I'm having one of these at the wedding. After these two ideas we decided to be realistic and create the list of limitations:
- no oven
- easy to transport - via public transport, I don't drive
- costs <$10
- bonus points for having green in it (if it's not mold)
- resist the halloween theme

Back to realisim we got 3 ideas.

1. Teacups - nice, yes. easy to transport? no. fail (I just wanted to post the picture XD)
Ingredients: Tic-toc, marshmallow, musk lifesaver and a freckle

2. Chocolate Crackles

3. Caramel Treats

That smile... I shall call it the knowing smile, though I have no idea what it's called. It's so ... it's the one where you do/say something and someone smiles, but it's one of those smiles that says something. But then of course whenn you ask them about it they say nothing XD. In this case I think he was saying "OCD... XD"

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