@ Saturday, October 08, 2011

Health rapidly decreasing, on Friday I slept for about 30hrs, new record... So sick and tired all the time :( Still on the waiting list for IV transfusion - and that's private, not public!

Went out for dinner. Had a beef noodle soup which I swore last time I'd never have again, I gave it another chance. That failed. Last time a fly died in it, it was taken out and I had to eat it (the dish, not the fly), and this time it was a mosquito :(. Dessert was slightly better, no bugs on the side. We ordered a banana split, and got a small banana, one scoop of homebrand (the cheapest brand you can get) ice cream, 4 pieces of canned lycee, 2 wafers and some crushed wafer bits as the "peanuts" on top, drizzled with watered down strawberry flavour sauce - which I might add the dish looked nothing like the photo, which had a big banana and 3 scoops of ice cream. It wasn't cheap either and at $6, I could get 2L of ice cream and a few bananas. As I was with company and not one who'd would say anything to me having a go at the staff - for good reason - I didn't say anything. Service was a disaster - though from an asian place what did you expect. Needless to say I will not be recommending this place nor returning.

The Expected

The Pancake Parlour's Banana Split 17.50 (but it is designed for two)

Max Brenner's Version 14.50

On a more positive and solo note, before class we stopped for mini cupcakes ^^. It was delicious! Moist, but not wet nor soggy, a light fluffy red velvet sponge under a cloud of cream cheese topping topped off with a red fondant star.

2.50 for Mini & 4.50 Standard

Last time I had the cream choc cheese - I loved that too ^^. Will try the Mint or Brown Mocha next week. And as a wedding cake, I'd like to have tiers of cupcakes (maybe mini cupcakes!) and then a one layer cake on top - as the cake to cut. Like this...

Wedding Cake ^^
- the cupcakes could also double as the bombonieres

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