Ebay Guide - Product Research @ Wednesday, October 05, 2011

In the future (next yr) I plan to do some guides to buying/binding in ebay. Guides that aren't already on the net, or are hard to find. This one is on product research.

When you've found something that isn't one of a kind or pick up only, in this case a "Vintage Turquoise Rhinestone Pendant". (P.S. I won it in a competition, but was curious how much it was going for). You then need to shop around.

Vintage Turquoise Rhinestone Pendant

This one's an interesting one. At first I thought it was a locket - it isn't. But there is a locket version.

The Locket Version
1. A variation, but quite similar $20, free shipping. 16 Sold. (No bad reviews)
2. A replica of the pendent, but as a locket still. $4.40, free shipping. (By wary of this one 15 bad review this mth)

The Pendant
1. On 99c auction (no bad reviews)
2. Auction, still low price atm (decent seller)
3. Just buy it for $5 (same seller as no.2)

An inexperienced buyer could have bought the $20 locket, whilst they could have gotten the nicer one for $4.40; or if they just wanted the pendent, with a little research it could be bought for $5.

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