@ Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Feeling sad, sick and perhaps a hint of lonely :( Exam prep month. Had a 23hr nap 1-2 days ago, been up since. Finished 1st review of health notes, awaiting reply from mr health (who has the option of replying, as most of them are on holidays). Feeling a bit better than yesterday, psychologically. Felt detached, like I was watching life on a stage, a play.

Now feeling a bit sick, lack of sleep, not nice coffee and half a pizza. Got a delivery box yesterday, inside was a jar of pasta sauce XD. Didn't have time to make lunch, so I bought pizza for lunch, ordered small and got large... I always buy pizza from this place, the manager pretty much recognizes me XD even though I only have pizza every few months.

Business is making me very stressed, as the usual prep is going through the course on express, but this guy decides to test us, and not say anything when we do open book ^^. Meet J's friend at college today (he's at another campus).

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