@ Saturday, October 29, 2011

One long unproductive week. First exam: english, on thu. In the last prac exam I wrote 7.5 pages and didn't know what I was on about. My mind has been foggy ever since, I can't think clearly. Health notes 99% completed, just need to edit a sentence or too. I was printing when the library closed (one button turns off all the power in the building). Wednesday night, will be when it's going to be made into a book. Mr Health loves them (the notes), and said something else but I don't think I was really listening as I don't really believe him, being a perfectionist. He's being extra helpful this week (not that he was ever like "come back "tomorrow"" unlike someone...). Health exam in two weeks...

It was 'Pink Ribbon' day yesterday, so the theme was pink XD. The person who came up with the ribbon idea is brilliant. Next yr there is no uniform :(, it's so very hard to decide everyday. So someone proposed having a box with bits of paper, as a random theme/colour/word generator for inspiration for what to wear e.g. yesterday was pink. But not any pink, it was a certain pink. A light but not too light pink. A few people wore pink, not everyone has something pink. Best dressed in pink: me - if we edited the outfit a bit. Not that we were allowed in the name of looking like a nun and covering as much skin as possible (not my fault btw, it's just enforced). I wore a white shirt, made of something soft, so that the collar didn't stand up and was floppy. For once the top button was done up XD, forgot to tell mr health to take a picture, as he's always the one and only one (except once) telling up to do the top button - which is not designed to be done up. It's odd that he does that, as he's not strict and as formal as the others. With the white shirt was a mid calf pink ribbon skirt (making me look shorter than I am), fishnets, and a massively long and wide Burberry signature patterned tie - but in the same pink as the skirt and ribbon. 

Spent the evening at the theatre, as I was helping out. Not exactly sure what to do, except stand at the doors, smile and give out "programs", a brochure with the plot summary and cast. The middle school was putting on Bugsy Malone, I was a bit lost on the plot... It's about kid gangsters with toy guns, and flappers (20s/30s dancers around in the gangster era). Some of the kids had great accents. It was good. 


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