@ Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Why is it so hard to organize something so simple?! For the cards we've ditched the pictures cause most people "forgot" them that and the debate in legal. 1/3 Completed, just need half of business and part of legal + me to sign it. I have no idea what to write! Didn't realize everyone was doing a mini essay... In each card I stuck a post it, e.g. "Sign for Mr Health", and someone actually started off "Dear Mr Health..." that's not his name... XD Though I almost did the same thing, cause that's what I called him in the draft. His card is almost done, need to decorate the envelope (a simple, elegant, cursive monogram) and glitter bomb the inside ^^.

Had House Night, got home 9pm. Crashed. Closer. It was boring. Speeches, awards and socializing - which I don't do well with this group. In the "most likely to... namings" I got longest socks... though what I was really named was "la loser". Offensive? Yes. What happened to be most likely to be arrested or call the media? The marshmallow rice bubbles slice (a massive square cut into 36x 1 inch cubes) went well - but then again boys do eat anything & everything. e.g. 12 Dr. Peppers between 3 boys! I barely drink one an hour. It's an LCM bar - with less sugar. Ms hoh liked it ^^, though I kinda forgot marshmallow = gelatin = not vegetarian! She made the candy exam survival kit again ^^. Will be making LCMs again for Friday's round of parties.

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