Day 5 - Night MU & Etiquette @ Friday, November 25, 2011

Day 5 - Night MU, Hair & Etiquette

Night Make-Up & Hair
Same as day MU, but with darker eye shadows e.g. smokey eye. For hair it was Audrey's hairstyle, a mushroom bun, how to use the straighting/curling wand and rollers.

- how to order at restaurants
- wine (tip from the girl in hotel man.: the 2nd cheapest wine is the worst)
- hosting dinner parties
- how to use chop sticks (only the asian girl could use them XD)
- how to set a table + what to use & when
- eating bread & butter
- fun table centerpiece challenge
It was good, but we could have done more... Refer to L is for Lady, it would have been better if they covered more stuff in the book.

After class we had a photo shoot with the theme of positive relationships, my theme was 'the graduate' - probs cause my casual is what others classify as corporate. Props: toy heart, whiteboard, book, mortarboard (is that really a prop?). We did want to do some jumping shoots, but as the floor was covered in paper (part of the bg) my heels might have made a hole in it XD.

Went to Krispy Kreme for a dozen of their original glazed donuts ^^. They're prefect, light, soft and fluffy, and sweet but not to sweet. I ate 3 (so far...).

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