@ Thursday, December 15, 2011

After lunch we went shopping. Went to the post office and picked up a package, a photo block from a promotion by snap fish a while back. My KK gift arrived ^^. At a random drug store, or pharmacy as they call it here, had a sale on two boxes of xmas deco, bits & bobs for 50c a piece. A lot of baubles but there were a few treasures. I picked up a red foil 3-4m streamer like thing, a white glitter snowflake, and 7 assorted things that I could use in art projects, mainly by attaching them to french clips and making them into hair accessories.

Seven stores later and we still haven't found spray bottles, like these. Only seen them in travel packs. If we can't get them offline we'll get them off ebay. Haven't bought the rubbing alcohol yet, as it'll always be available and we're still not sure whether to use that or vodka. Though we did get the Cranberry Joy Home Fragrance Oil at the Body Shop. Why is everything so much costly more than home? I recall these being $7.50 back in the US, sadly they don't ship here.  
My KK gift arrived this morning :). I wasn't going to open it till Christmas, but that kind of failed. A little research tells me that Elyse got me two things on my wishlist :). I opened the satchel (post bag), but restrained myself from unwrapping the present. She sent me a lovely glittery hallmark babushka card, and two things from my list. I'm certain one item is Diva's Pixie Dust Necklace, and the is something in a rectangular box, I think it's the Travalo, which is a refillable pocket sized perfume atomizer spray. We'll have to wait till Christmas to find out ;P, only 10 days away. 

Edit: My KK says "You are not entirely correct with your guess as to what's inside the parcels, so you will be in for a surprise on Christmas Day :)". What's inside the rectangular box? O.o

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