@ Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Another day of wrapping. Limits on size and no. imposed :) Not a fan of wrapping 18 blocks of chocolates, or a trolley full of stuff. Miss Piggy kept requesting me O.o very picky with which paper she wanted - note: your 6mth old nephew won't even see the freaking paper! We were out of that design and she was mad. Though she kept coming back - and to me! Something odd about me is that I have an extreme fear of pigs, bacon, ham, pork, the old "pigskin", if it's related to pigs don't bring it near me! This woman (who I swear will never meet a guy - unless he was like her) has piggy fingers and it was very hard not to run away or not disgusted. Not the first time I've seen it, there's a mr piggy who takes the morning bus daily. While wrapping we saw D, boy from Health who wants to name is kid Rwanda (nice but no).

Coffee. Nando's mini burger (like Grill'd's mini chicken one, but better). Dentist. Clean. Rebook for fillings and other things. Bought a BIG bubble wand, and scrapbook for wedding ideas.

Found out we have to reserve the locket, and there are no city stores :(. Also it's not on sale after Saturday, going to order tomorrow. Went to another shop, branch, and sadly what you see isn't what you get! The locket is oblong, not oval, which is what it looks like due to the angle? of the image in the catalog.

While at the shops I saw the almost perfect present for my Lucy (today's our 13th friend-anniversary). A name necklace in human terms, though it's actually an anklet (cause otherwise it would be too big, she being 20cm tall). Gold plated, name necklace that says "Love" with diamantes in the L. Something like a variation of this:

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