@ Monday, December 12, 2011

Had lunch with Kimiko, an old (not like 35+ :P) friend from maths (we're not allowed to sit together XD) at Peko Peko (again). Pictures coming soon. We both skipped entree (unless you're a guy, the 3 course is not recommended) and went straight to bentos ^^ (jap lunch boxes). She had the sweet & sour chicken, while I got the honey glazed chicken, both were 12.50. It was Divine! The best honey chicken ever! (minus 2 chewy bits...). The set up was a traditional bento box (they even had similar ones for TA), 4 squares: rice, meat, entree and veggies. The rice was decent, though not amazing. The chicken, the honey chicken was sweet, but not too sweet and crunchy on the outside, amazing... Entree was a sweet pumpkin filled spring roll cut in half presented with a bit of cabbage. And veggies was pickled cucumber, bean sprouts and carrot.

Kimiko's review for the sweet & sour chicken: (it's her first review btw). "I love it! It's my first try at bento at peko peko. The chicken feels a bit solid (lol maybe cause of my new braces) but beside that, I'll give it 5 stars."

Using my pictures.

Made with Kimiko's pictures.

After lunch we got blueberries, and went to the post office (why is there only 2 in the cbd?!) to post my KK's pressie. I've never posted express before. Kimiko left to see a friend after that, and I proceed to T2 in attempt to find something like Lipton's Iced Tea. Did some research on making my own room spray. I love them and reed diffusers, but they're so $$$. I was sent a good recipe and will post it later on, with a guide complete with pictures. Went to several different shops for that, looking for oils, including a potion O.O shop, settled for fragrance oil in the end from the Body Shop, though I have yet to buy it.

What's the time mr wolf? The clocks at the station were glitchy and said the next train was 12.59, when it was late in the afternoon. XD. A look outside didn't help indicate the time either, other clocks said 1am, 6pm, though most settled around 1pm.

Oh and off topic, I'm not high anymore, that lasted for 2 days. I wonder what it was that I ate...

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