@ Monday, January 23, 2012

Yesterday we did a shoot, with the theme of medical, think 80s pyschiatric hospital, though it was just a creepy looking not abandoned building, with dirty bathrooms, including a tap that didn't work. The lift was closed sadly so instead we walked up the stairs, in heels, to about level 7 - there are a lot of stairs! The walls were yellow, like the lights, with brown doors and many stairwells, not where you want to be chased by a psycho at night. There was also a cupboard, that would have been great if it weren't for the lack of lighting. 

We had lots of fun and pain (heels not needles :P) with patients, nurses and two drs. Everyone was covered in blood (including me, though it was later on, and a blood nose) and the guy in scrubs bought a needle, which I thought was a paster (auto pencil) refill, it was very thick... Interestingly on the way to the location a ticket inspector said to his friend my outfit was offensive :P had the perfect come back to that "your heart says your weight is offensive XD" though in the end I just pretended not to hear that.  

There was a lot of fake blood everywhere in the area we were working, cleaners going to freak out :P. Apparently because some of us didn't say we were with the theatre group, we weren't meant to be there. One of the models said the cops were coming and everyone cleared out in less than 2minutes XD, and hence there was no time to clean up, plus the police station was on the same block. 

Originally the location was Larundel Pyschiatric Hospital, which has been abandoned since the 80s (era of psych hospitals closing down due to lack of funds and a changed focus, rehab rather than lock 'em up), but there was a fire and if you step on certain parts of flooring you'll go though, there's asbestos (causes cancer) and bird shit everywhere XD, and I've been told it's toxic and goes through the floors. 

After the shoot we went for a very late lunch and drinks at Hudsons. I had the traditional chocolate iced coffee, it was ok, but I prefer the classic choc milkshakes. Priced at $5.70 it's great as a fortnight treat. For a more lux. treat the $8 ones at Koko are amazing.

Koko's Iced Chocolate

In the late evening we went to a CNY thing to see the dragon dances, with H & K and had coffee ice, one of my favourite flavours :) We might have coffee ice cream served with our wedding cupcakes for dessert.

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