@ Friday, January 20, 2012

After being out for 13hrs yesterday today was slept sleeping, going to dinner and being online :P. The day started at 11am, with a call from ms career's lady, and the mail being delivered. Mail! 500 business cards from moo, and a dress I ordered - on sale. Was $65, now $20. It's worth around $20 though, the quality. Can be wore as a dress or skirt (paired with a light coloured top).  

Went to dinner at the asian place at the mall, a Noodle Bar (where we always go when F doesn't want to travel far, I don't get to choose where we go when he drives), and had seafood noddles. It was nice, though I get something different each time.

There was a store giving out balloons, helium balloons! And we got the last ones (all 25 of them!) then filled a room with them ^^. A girl got that for V'day and as a proposal setting :) that's nice, though I'd rather use them in a photoshoot like this. I'd also love this ;).

We actually had a lot more balloons then this, but I like this setting anyway :)

Being a Friday night, Sex and the City was on (the last episode!) though I didn't watch it as there was a film on, one that I wanted to see at the cinema though never got around to it.

I missed the first bit (up till he, the protagonist, arrives home) but it was awesome! Even if rotten tomatoes doesn't agree (13% pos).

What does the name "woodcock" (one word) draw a picture of? When it's a teacher, someone who's a tool to XD. In the literally/movie world names mean something. It's amazing what a name does. e.g. Mr Mann (ref to a book I read, not the one I know who doesn't know my name) he's for most of the book a villain, though redeems himself in the end; as appose to Mr Christian (no he's not a gay fashion designer) who's "heavenly" (not my words) a music teacher who's young (too young) and full of hope and love for classical music.

The film stars Steve Stifler (American Pie) as John Farley, his gym teacher is going out with his mom. The evil gym teacher who picks on little kids (like him, Fat John, in school) and old people (he "coaches" water exercise at the nursing home) and is everyone's nightmare, though for odd reasons some of the kids (as adults) love him. e.g. that kid that did drugs, woody found them and called the cop, 6yrs in rehab and the kid found jesus O.o but he's off drugs XD.

*After Woodcock hits John with a baseball bat in the middle of the night.*
John: What the Hell, Woodcock?!
Woodcock: It was dark, instinct took over.
John: What about when I said, “It’s me, it’s John”?!
Woodcock: John is a very common name, there could be a burglar named John.
John: What kind of burglar yells out his own name?!

It's very funny. And if you're one of the kids who suck at gym a nightmare. I've had a few horrible teachers, though no one this evil XD, we just had a odd one who did drugs (and got fired) once. Anyway John hates the guy that his mother loves, tries to break them up, tries to be nice to the guy (who's a jerk to him the almost entire time) it's so funny when John almost kills him though XD ambulance wheeler + pot hole = XD^10.

John being an author has a publisher, Maggie she reminds me of someone I know who could play her XD, that or it's the blonde hair, loudness of her personality, her humour and how she always wears black. Maggie in first class on a plane: "Excuse me. Hi.
Could I get a real bottle, please?
I'm an alcoholic, not a Barbie doll." XD (they gave her a sample size with the meal)

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