@ Thursday, January 19, 2012

Leaving at 8.30 we arrived at breakfast at 9.30am, the earliest we've been to the city in a while. Starting at Waffle On, we order le fermier baguette, contents was very good, though the sauce was falling out. The bread itself was too crunchy! and could have been something from yesterday re-heated in the oven :(, disappointing. But the size, the size - it was massive! I had it in my handbag and had it was b'fast, lunch and dinner! 

After buying breakfast we stopped for coffee at a church (T was not so cool with it). I recall the first time we went here we thought we were at the wrong place! And that I thought I'd get hit by thunder if I got past the gates :P The Veranda Cafe is lovely, they serve Jasper Coffee, and the service is wonderful, ran by volunteers, and Liz, the manager, who's always very friendly :) I had the mocha while he went for the cappuccino. One of my favourite places for coffee in the city, though they're like the post with their opening times 9-5 weekdays only. 

On our way to the station we "passed" one of those new $5/$10 bookshops and just had to stop. After an hour I didn't manage to find anything I'd buy, except a book on wedding vows, I love weddings, though not particularly interested in reading that part. T bought a Matthew Reilly book. We got to the station, on a bus and spent the next hour getting lost and going around the port (South Wharf & Harbour Town ain't the same place, DFO vs Outlet). 

An hour later we found ourselves at the info desk, and then finally at our destination at 1pm, Harbour Town.

K was going to catch up, except she got lost. We were both on G16 on the map but invisible to each other... Maybe she was on the wrong server or another layer? :P It turns out she was were we got lost at before, at another shopping center. 

Five hours later and the result was 2 singlets, a lace overlay skirt, x3 brooches, a notepad & "Keep Calm" card and two flower brooches/clips, for a total of $32! :) T bought 6 shirts for $42. I saw an amazing purple shirt at Fletcher Jones, but it wasn't my size and jas would never wear it :P (fear of purple).

Brooches from Carbon $3 each (RRP price $20! - note: they're $2 on ebay). Wooden Letters from Cotton on Kids 50c each. 
Skull Brooch from Factorie $1 (was $10) & x2 Flower Clips/Brooches $5 (was $20) and a je'taime notebook $2 ($15) & keep calm card $1 ($5) from Typo.

We went to about 20 shops! And we stopped by a perfume shop, were the SA was very informative and had style (for a guy) did a bit of research on D&G's Light Blue, there's one for guy and another for girls. The guys one is gross, the girl one is heavenly! I love it, though perhaps not on me. Also got some suggests on how to ask a guy what he's wearing (perfume) without sounding creepy :P, I don't think you can ask a guy that w/o sounding like...

For dinner we went to Grill'd even though we had it recently. T ordered the Bacon & Cheese and loved it, though said it was just a snack, while I finished the last 3rd of my massive baguette, and a slushie. Still being hungry T ordered... hot chips! (my goal this yr, health related, is to only have hot chips once a month).

We get back at almost 10pm! 13hr trip. And there's mail :) Two movie passes from Hudson (best chocolate milkshakes). I was a winner in a 25 word competition. Proof that you don't always "never win" when entering competitions. :P

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