@ Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Last Saturday we met for drinks at Caffe Moretti, something we discovered on a random "pick a random line and get off at the last station" adventure. Finding ourselves not quite on the other side of the city, but in an unknown town we went to urbanspoon to look for the best cafe, and came up from Caffee Moretti, a bakery restaurant with lots of glass cases filled with treats, none that I could eat due to crazy sensitive to air/water/chocolate teeth. I ordered an iced chocolate, nothing special, and it was too sweet sadly. While jas got the banana milkshake, mushroom soup and a strawberry tart; and felt a little self-conscious that I didn't get food (I had a massive plate of prawn noodles before I left :P). We might return for more sweet in the future.

Banana Shake & Iced Chocolate
- picnick blurred the bottom left img! -

Mushroom Soup & Strawberry Tart with Cream 

On Wednesday, I had a bath with the Santa bath bomb and fairy bubble wand, it was divine! It smelt amazing, the bathwater. Sadly the wand made little bubbles, and they soon disappeared! So no bubbles at all... Though it did smell amazing! :) The wands are $9 and Santa is $6-ish, though I stock up once a year when they have their annual 50% off sale ;). 

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