Free Chocolate! @ Saturday, March 24, 2012

Week 4, 2 projects submitted, completely forgot about a picture that was worth 5% of one, till hours after the closing time. Sick on Thursday, though we made it for the project task, on products, and all that jazz, with our focus on the fast food industry. Lost & Confused, and mr market is very friendly, I don't quite think he gets it. We received a set of guidelines, read: things to include, though it wasn't particularly helpful. It's due on Thursday, and at this point we're working on structure. My partner, S, and I also live pretty much on the opposites sides, with me in the South and him the West.

Missed a test, messaged mr padington (no that's not his real name, but the subject is two words, hence odd as a name) and he hasn't replied, and isn't going to. He said last time not to email him, because then he has to reply :P, can't believe we're actually paying for an education! Fortunately they're not all like him.

Highlight of the Week: online shopping at Bras n' Things, a visit to Darrell Lea (a candy shop, mainly sells licorice and chocolate). They're giving out free chocolate, 20 small caramel filled Easter eggs, these ones. Just print this and bring it to one of their stores, there's one in the CBD. Don't forget to print/send some for your friends. :)

 More pictures coming soon, in a week or two.  

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