A Day with K @ Saturday, March 24, 2012

On Saturday, we had training at Oxfam all morning. On what the org does, we studied Oxfam last year, and it was interesting. Like most charities, they're international with a focus on the Asia-pacific region and Africa, and raise funds to help others. Though they spend 30% on emergency aid (food, water, shelter) for natural disasters & wars, and the rest is about helping them help themselves - sustainability! I could write a massive paragraph on it :P An example is giving someone in India a cow, which then will provide milk to keep/sell and manure (fertilizer). And after a while they won't need support, and would donate a calf to the org, which then will help others. 

After training we meet up with Kimiko (who wants a name change, not sure what her new name is yet...) to go shopping at South Wharf, next to the new Hilton. There was a bookshop, but we decided not to stop there, as we both wouldn't leave till they closed :P. We stopped by a range of stores. At cotton on she bought a few tops, while I got a package of bits and pieces (for craft projects) of earrings for $2. I love buying broken jewelery, as it's always cheap (except at FN) and you can create something new.

On our way to the mall, we passed a girl wearing a Gingerbread man costume :P
They were promoting English classes associated with some religious group.

Our main stop was Bras n' Things, where K endured waiting for me to try on at least ten things. They were having a sale, that was only updated on Wednesday. For $38 I got 11 items: a Playboy bikini, x2 bikini bottoms (one skirt), red xmas cami, x2 xmas hat (green & red), pink/bk cam, witch set (wand/headband/feather), x2 fishnet stockings (b/w) and white stockings. Most items were $2-3 with two being $7 and the bikini was $10. I love the xmas set, though it really has no use, and I would wear it only a couple times, and didn't get it.

After going to a few more shops, getting wooden letters at Typo, xmas deco at Witchery, $10 skirts & a lovely lace/cream handbag for K from Portmans, and tops at La Senza they have my size! My top size is quite rare, and BnT simply don't stock it. At the moment, if you sign up for membership you get a $20 voucher, no min spend required. 

We only left because the shops were closing at 6pm, next stop dinner. Saturday night requires bookings. In the mood for dumplings we went to Hutong Dumpling Bar, but the dish I wanted wasn't available for TA. Flower Drum across the lane was also full. We were about to give up and just go to Gill'd when we spotted Wonton House. Service was good, cash only as always. 

K ordered a hot lemon drink, and 'Beef & Vegetable w/Noodle' ($9.80). She didn't like it, as it was pre-seasoned and too salty. The noodle was interesting, while I had egg noodle, she got flat rice noddle (the type used in pho). Noodle Guide. K said it was odd, and egg noddle would have been preferred. Another issue with the noodles was that it was cut too short, and as a result very slippery and hard to pick up with chop sticks.   

Meanwhile I had the Prawn Dumplings (3 for $5.50), the inside was lovely, sadly the same can't be said for the outside. It was too thick and mushy at the seam. Horrible. We'll be back - but not for dumplings.

As the main dish I had the 'Fish Ball Noodle Soup' $9.20, yellow egg noodles, fish cake (4-5 pieces) 8 fish balls and some veggies. The soup was very nice. Highly recommended. :) Though I burnt my tongue... and it hasn't recovered yet, my sense of taste is greatly reduced. Wonton House is a franchise, two in the city and one at the end of the line where a friend lives. 

On our way home, we stopped at the supermarket. Charlie's Lemonade (my fav picnic/summer drink) for me, and a garden salad for Kimiko. The salad was interesting, it was in a container (like their cookies) and everything was in it's own package, so you had the DIY element.    

P.S Whenever I'm having lunch/dinner with Kimiko, she's the one taking the pictures - that or we're using her phone to take them.

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