Shopping & Romping in the City @ Sunday, March 25, 2012

With the end of  "summer" or very early start of winter the NFP (not for profit) organizations are hosting their late summer events, and it's a very busy month. Today we were working at the Melbourne City Romp. It's like the amazing race - except family friendly, people dress up, and it's about fundraising rather than winning. In teams of 2-6 people followed clues to locations where they then had to answer a multiple choice question, I heard some where interactive rather in a quiz-y way, though we didn't have any. It goes over 4hrs, and you text your answer (though the system crashed today, fortunately they had plan B).

The City Romp raises funds for research to support the Burnet Institute’s fight against the ‘Big Three’; HIV, TB and malaria. With big three referring to communicable diseases which "can be passed on from the enviro to individual, from one person to another, via insects or physical enviro e.g. water" is and preventable.

Starting at 8.40, we set up, our location was the 1st checkpoint and as a result we had 300+ teams, and saw on average 900 people! It was very busy, till about the last hour. We were located as one of the other girls said in a "wind tunnel" walkway at 'The Dome' @ 333 Collins St, it was so cold... And then at the end of the day, in the afternoon it was so nice and warm, though not at that location. Though could be worse, there were people set up outside, by the river. Our role was to give the teams their question, and answer any questions (mainly technology failure Qs). Also we took turns standing out front to direct teams - a waste of HR, it's better just to stick a bunch of orange (the org's colour) balloons on a tree nearby. 

333 Collins St

It started out as a lame family event, but by the end it was kinda cool - providing that somehow you convinced all your friends to join you, and that they're available (rarely for me). If I'm not working next year, and can make a team we're doing it. :) Oh and there were 1-2 teams we saw that were signed up by their workplace, as a team building exercise.   

I loved the costumes, there was a Smurf team, Star Wars, lots of blue teams, Hawaii, way too many Mexicans with their sombreros, superheros, pirates, the yellow team, and lots more. You can check out the pictures here. Most creative team was the mime girls. Best dressed individual went to a guy who I swear was half giant; he went as a pirate, had a beard and plaited it and had beads. It was amazing. There was a guy who went as Superman (see pictures), he looks so much like someone I know. Maybe it's his slightly younger brother? Most I never thought of that theme, was a theatre troupe that went as the Peter Pan group (Hook, Smee, Peter, Wendy, her brothers, indians & pirates, and of course Tinker Bell).

Groups I was hoping to see: Mystery Inc. (Scooby Doo), Sweeney Todd Couple, Mario/L, Alice in Wonderland Team, Justice Laegue (Marval Superhero, though we had 2x superman + 1x batman) , The Wiggles, The Orginal Pokemon Trio (Ash, Misty, Brock). Though we did see an attempt at Team Rocket :).  

At some point it cold enough to get hot chocolate. When it comes to hot chocolate, I don't like the usual watery taste, and prefer milk. Conveniently we were near both Lindt & KoKo. I had Lindt's Milk Chocolate ($5.25 TA or $7), it was sweet and milky, and wonderful! Another blogger says "It is Lindt chocolate, and so tastes like chocolate rather than sugary milk". Interestingly one of the other girls at our location also went for a hot chocolate later on, and for the same price received a smaller size. :(

For lunch we received lunch boxes ^^ I love lunch boxes XD, containing water, a red apple, an apple crumble "cupcake?" and a wrap. Does deli shredded chicken and strawberry jam go together? O.o It does! It was surprisingly good, with the odd combo. Though Ad says it's like our turkey and cranberry sauce.

After the event, and packing up we went to the main area, which was the picnic area, on the side of the Yarra. Sandy, but with lovely green hills and... portaloo (scary). I think Nandos is a sponsor? and they gave all of us a free snack meal, a drink, chips and a mini burger. The chips were slightly better than KFC, though of the same 'hot chips' style (3.95), Grill'd is still the best. :) I'm not if it was me or Nandos, but my burger fell apart in its box. Pequeno Mini Burger (4.95) Lettuce, tomato, sauce and chicken, as always I opt for lemon & herb. It was nice, I do like it, but don't really see it something I would buy.

Mimco is having a 20% off sale and we could resist, getting a few headbands. With their $50 free gift cards with MC a few weeks ago, a birthday bonus (O.o, my birthday isn't for several months) and a random unknown $50 gift; I bought four headbands. Two last time and two today. Mimco's headbands are $$$ at $30-60 each, but they're great quality, and can be worn for the whole day, as they don't hurt your head. I got the Gypsy (last season) and the Capulet (new).

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