Marketing 101 & HJ's $2 Whoppers @ Sunday, April 01, 2012

With upcoming technology and the invention of online buying, and especially the recent daily deals or group buy sites, businesses have found a new arena to promote their business and draw more customers. Blah blah blah, we did a project on the fast food industry in marketing, and only got points for effort :P missed most of the question. I don't do well when it's figure out the question and then answer it. 

A great example of a very successful group buying/daily deals strategy is of Hungry Jack's $2 Whopper & Fries, "120,000 burgers sold countrywide in under three hours... the first time a major fast-food outlet had partnered with a group buying site in Australia, representing a new direction for the sector."

Though you might have missed out on that deal, they also have vouchers for $2 Whoppers, it's expired, by HQ has said they accept them. Expires 8th May 2012, and are available at 90% of HJ Au locations there's a link to the list. The other 10% are franchises. Also note that some will say you have also buy something else e.g. Chadstone & Brighton. And Knox doesn't accept them. 

I've never had a Whopper before, though we had our Hungry Jack's back home, Burger King. What I expected (didn't memorize the picture) what something the size of McD's decreasingly small cheeseburger; what I got was a HUGE burger. Grilled beef, pickles, onion, tomato sauce and lettuce in a very big bun. They're normally just under $5, and for that size, you aren't being ripped off. It was very nice, as a very few months treat, though the best burgers are still at Grill'd, though they're more gourmet burgers and go for $10+. Though for a $2 you can't beat this. Well maybe, McD is lowering some of their prices e.g. $1 Fries (they've always been 1.95) and now their soft serve cones are 30c (same price as when I was a kid)! Not sure if that's just between 12-2pm by the way.

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