Cheeseburgers & Krispy Kreme @ Saturday, May 05, 2012

It's another one of those very long weeks. Monday was spent asleep, visited Hector on Tuesday (which now seems months away) and met N, the new eco tutor. Missed the eco lecture (now downloading) for a test. Bought a burger, only to be returned on Friday (they used a muffin bun and there was a hair in it!). The manager was very nice about it, apart from the not really believing in accidents part. She offered me a free meal, but I just wanted the burger :P. I really like the chicken cheeseburgers at Red Rooster. Will get pictures next time.

Missed another test for PD on Thursday morning, (there's another session on tues), had a marketing lec & tut. The lec was great, the topic: shopping. Converting buyers into shoppers. What's the difference between a buyer and shopper? A buyer is a person on a mission, much like a military operation. First plan the shortest route between the shops you're going to, then you carry out the operation. You go in, buy that one item, and go out. Do not stop to browse or buying anything unplanned. A shopper on the other hand has no plan (and is often female), and that's what you want. There's more chances of spontaneous purchases and it's a social activity. Also the long someone spends in a shop, the more likely they are to buy something.   

That night we did some online shopping :P. Glassons had a $10 off merino sale, and I finally bought something. I've always hesitated to buy online with credit card, as I prefer paypal. But they did say they weren't going to offer it anytime soon, plus it was on sale.

A little after midnight I received a email about a sale from Alannah Hill, and found this top on sale, from $150 to $6! So I bought two, one in each colour. The next day it was $69, seems as though someone forgot the nine on the end :P. Now the question is am I going to get a refund or the product? I do believe I should get the product as the mistake was on their side of the transition.

Btw I ordered the wrong size...

On Friday we missed the lec as always (I do enjoy spending my Saturday night watching it though, while doing my nails) and bought some doughnuts. And that was the summary of the week, nothing particularly interesting happened, other than me eating 6+ doughnuts :P.

Anyone know a free online photo editor that makes collages? I miss picnik.

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