On Monday I ventured to the coffee place in the lane near the library, for what was rumoured (in the library :P) the best coffee within walking distance. Got the usual, mocha with two brown sugars. It's almost as good as the place I always go to, in Elsternwick - but not quite. Not sure if it's the service that affected it though, service was minimal at Pronto, whereas at The Kitchen it's great. The price is the same as at the kitchen, $3.50 for a small cup.

On Wednesday despite being in a lot of pain and taking a sick day, there was an upside: we got parcels from NZ & AH. From Glassons we bought a merino top, it's warm but not enough to be worn just by itself. It's more of an undershirt. The quality is alright, piling after just one week though...

Ignore a certain part of this photo - couldn't edit w/o making it blurry.

We also received top tops from Alannah Hill. This was my first AH purchase (ordered before the coat), I do love AH, but as it is pricey, I only buy investment pieces or things on sale. Due to a pricing error where $69 was missing the nine and therefore was $6, I got two tops (they come in two colours) for $20 delivered. Note: online service is na, but great in stores.

Why one is larger than the other idk, AH site error?

On Friday morning we had the xray, whatever it is that's causing the back pain didn't turn up. A good and bad thing, good as it wasn't something serious enough to turn up in a xray, but bad as we don't know what is causing the pain. Afterwards we went to station (class in the afternoon) and found a goodwill (there were 3 on the same road within view!), where I found a couple of Pease psych/r'ship books, I would have bought them, except I already had them :P. I also found a Meg Cabot book, Queen of Babble. I love her Mediator series, so I thought I give this a try. I know you can get the ebook for free, but I like physical books over kindle.

Up to chapter two and so far it's interesting... the protagonist (still not sure what her name is...) sees the clothes before the person, much like Ashley. Do all girls see this? I mean sometimes I see it, but if I was writing about someone I saw I don't start with our relationship e.g. sister, and then immediately note her outfit and comment on it.

In the same part of town (across the street) was the candy store, it's very popular with the kids at my old college, being located only a street away. This is the real reason why we went to this particular station rather than the closest one to where I live. They sell cheap candy, some expired, most near expired with a few months left. But they also have an American section, though it's not as varied as back home, they do have the basics: Hershey's, Junior Mints, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. They also have drinks like 7up, Cherry Coke, Dr. Pepper, a flavour/limited ed. of Mountain Dew and a few flavoured Fantas. And some of the prices are great, like 12oz of Junior Mints ($10 from Target USA) but $3 here.

A month-ish ago on my way to class I discovered asian subway (think subway, but less clean, cheaper, no lines and asian). This place is very popular - but they have no lines, and by that I mean they line up asian style. Which sometimes gets the kids from the college nearby (not the one I went to, we're in the Jewish area, not asian) telling them to go back to china, which is always amusing. But isn't so when you are attempting to line up. Unlike Ashley with her passively aggressive approach, I'm never going to get to the front - unless psycho mode kicks in and I push past everyone.

"Lining Up"
East (civilized) vs West (read: asia)
It's from a fantastic art book, which you can download easily.  

The only reason I go to that place, that shop is for this...

Glutenous Sandwiches - A dessert dish?
It's rice with a bean filling sprinkled with sesame seeds.
And it's amazing!

Not particularly relevant, but I do find this picture amusing. So true, of all the times I've been to Asia I've never seen a live bird not in a cage or at the zoo. There are no birds in the sky cause they ate them all. :(

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