Dinner and Dessert @ Saturday, May 19, 2012

Last Sunday we met jas for dinner & dessert, who I haven't seen in months due to work and travel. He was late - as always, an hour almost, because he was in the moment (with his video games). We were going to go to an Indian place in North Melb. but he wasn't too fond of the setting. He's into the whole experience of dinning, and that needs to include atmosphere and dim lighting (the camera does not approve). The Indian place looks more of a take away place and looks like a not-as-nice version of our college caf. (which was nice). Next time I'll get t/a and take it up to where I live (great views) and it won't affect the food. :P

So since the Indian place was rejected we went for plan b. Normally Peko Peko, my favourite place for asian food, but they weren't open on Sundays. Plan c was Wonton House, but we couldn't find it XD, so spontaneously we ended up at 'Snag Stand', with the trend of making burgers healthy and gourmet, hot dog were soon to follow suit. And Snag Stand is an example of this.

I ordered the Chicken & Rocket 'Freshly grilled & served in a soft poppy seed roll w/ rocket pesto aiolo, fresh tomatoes and shaved parmeasan' for 9.90 and he ordered hmm... I'm not sure what it was that he ordered, looked up the menu and there's nothing bread. All I can say is he ordered sausages and chips.

'Chicken & Rocket' and 'Menu Item x'

It was disappointing. When I think gourmet and a hotdog for $10, it must be amazing and full of flavours, like Grill'd. The rocket was fresh though, and the roll was very nice. The sausage, something you could buy at the supermarket and make yourself at home. This is something you could make at home. Recommended? Yes for the experience, and a try once thing, but it's not something I'd buy again. Oh and don't order the chicken and rocket.

After dinner, 1.5hrs it took me to finish my hotdog like a lady :P, we went to South Yarra for dessert. We got lost, I got confused with the stops 25 & 31 (thanks to jp), walked a lot, "bought" (edit: they were free from the 7 eleven kitkat promo, jas didn't steal them :P) about four kitkats :P and finally got to the place about an hour later. How do ice cream shops survive in winter? It's almost like having a shop that sells only Christmas deco. Seasonal sales rocket but then gradually decline till they go out of business.

We went to Yobar for dessert, as I do like their yoghurt, but it's a bit far from the city. Since our last visit their topping range has decreased about 1/3, disappointing but a fraction of the toppings were cereals. Jas chose the chocolate yoghurt with passionfruit sauce, while I picked a lemon base with kiwi and crushed tim tams. While I do love oreos (our American made oreos) here they're made in China, and so I do try to avoid them if possible.
It was nice, next time no kiwi, unless its sweet though. As it was a Sunday night trams were rare and few, we walked 2.2kms (according to google maps) to the station. Along the way we went past a bridge that looked like something in Paris, with the right lighting, the lighting wasn't right to capture it with my mini though.

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