Starlight Day & Winter Coats @ Friday, May 11, 2012

Another long, busy and stressful week. Part one of the events project due, sent 15 minutes before the deadline ;). It was so busy I didn't have time to post about the event last week till a week later.

Last Sunday was Starlight Day, the main fundraising day for the Starlight Foundation which helps seriously ill (read: cancer and illness where you have tubes coming out of you) children. Instead of a sporting event they went for merchandise sales instead. The guy on the shift before me sold a lot, playing the sympathy vote. Though the friendly couple on with the shift with me got the most sales with their active selling approach. They stood in front, waved flashing wands around (way cooler in the dark) and interacted with the people. Me, I go for a more passive approach, as where I work you don't go up and advertise, unless the person needs assistance.

Management failed. There were these lovely, very soft and furry teddy bears, from last year's (?) event. With no price tag, we had no ideal how much to sell them for. Normally there is a clipboard with the sign in sheet, info, numbers, and sheets for records (cash and stock), there wasn't this year. The number of stock was in the 100s, and we didn't sell much other than wristbands and flashing star fairy wands. Badges came in silver ($5) and gold ($20) people did like the gold, but for a charity that isn't one of the top 5 that comes to mind, it was too pricey. Especially as it was the same size and quality as the $5 ones. 

On my own I sold about 5 wristbands ($3) and a wand. Fortunately that was only for an hour, and soon the couple arrived and generated a lot more sales. There were quite a few people who wanted the balloons (for promo only, not sale) and I gave a few away. We're not meant to, but when they see you with the bag it's hard to tell them you don't have anymore. Especially when you want them to go away asap (downs pulled my hair! - see Becky from Glee). 

I do like purple :)

After work we went shopping. Or rather buying, in marketing terms, as I knew exactly what I wanted to get - almost. We went to Myers & DJ and wandered around a bit, looking for the winter coat. There were lovely reds, some coats were too heavy, too big, didn't like the design of many. It was quite a mission. That is until we went to Alannah Hill (lovely designs, though a bit $$/$$$), where I found the coat. It came in red, dark dark green, and the classic black. With the very lacy noticeable collar it was a bit much in red, so I went for the black. I love how AH is very creative with the name of her products ^^, I wonder where she gets all that creativity.

Once Upon A Time Coat
Got it in black, but you can see the details better in red.
P.S. It's on sale at the moment.

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