Where do white rabbits come from? @ Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Where do white rabbits come from? I've never seen a rabbit in the wild (unless you count one of my tutor's neighbour's yard) but apparently they don't come in white... Not here anyway. Rabbit aren't native to Australia, unlike kangaroos (only found in the wild, and at the zoo - not in backyards guys :P) and koalas, instead they were bought to Au during the 18th century and have since then been breading like... well, rabbits. So where do white rabbits come from? According to Hector: the pet shop. Maybe they're imported?

Today we went to see Hector, and along the way stopped at Oxfam to get their very nice hot chocolate powder. The secret (which isn't really a secret if you read the ingredients list) is raw sugar, lots of it, so much that the amount of cocoa is only 23%, leaving 86% for sugar (1% for preserves & flavours). By the way, it's cheaper online - but the catch is shipping costs.

Along the way we stopped for lunch at Ali Baba's.

Chicken Bites + Chips + BBQ Sauce = $7. The chicken and sauce were absolutely amazing, the chips, just average. I was half way through and on the bus when I realized I didn't get pictures, and as I was in a rush we couldn't getting the lighting and all. We'll be back for the chicken. :)

For "our" (read: me, myself & I) events marketing project, we have to write about the ads, 5Ps, ad effectiveness and one other thing... I'm reviewing the event throughout it from two perspectives, participant (Hector) and volunteer (moi). And so we got Hector to answer a few questions on it e.g. opinion of the timing of the event, in relation to the events calender. I had the target market wrong, as I thought that all the similar-ish run/walk events appealed to guys who like to run XD, but some events like the Ironman is for the top pros, and others are more family friendly. So the people who compete in the Ironman wouldn't also compete in Trailwalker. Btw he said ran for 4hrs, I do believe he did (unlike me who couldn't do 4 minutes :P). As it was an interview-ish thing for a project, I have to reference it, and with that he got to choose a name. Strangely to me, he couldn't think of one and was perfectly fine with his name, and so we went with Hector, no objections.

Hector also agreed to do a referral for the occasion job that requires that. I forgot to ask him what changed his mind, as the first time he was like 'no comment', but then said yes later on. He was really nice (as usual) about the whole thing, and was a bit stuck on weaknesses and interests (he pretty much knows nothing about me O.o, other than we're not into the same stuff). Interestingly under strengths, we both or maybe just me completely forgot to list organized. He's brilliant at turning negatives into positives, e.g. OCD (boarderline) = attention to detail, asks a million Qs = curious. One of the Qs on the list (which I did not make up) was "Would you leave your own children (if you have/had any) in the care of the applicant?" there was a lot of silence there though in the end he said yes XD. If I had written the question, I would have put dog rather than children. But then I think the question is more about trust? And everyone likes dogs. :)

In the afternoon we went to the state library for what I thought would be the tutor trials, along the way I 'bought' three KitKats, chips, and a slushie in Sour Strawberry, (Melb Central 7 Eleven) which was very nice. At the library they do bag checks, what are they looking for exactly? Other than metal objects. Food. I had to rent a locker just for my bag of chips...

We met N, as the first for our tutor trials. The last trial we went through six business tutors, all guys, and didn't find one I liked. N tutors economics, and is great. A new record for the tutor trials, she knows what she's talking about, doesn't ramble or anything, and has a passion for it. And we also went to the same college, though she graduated long before me, so I never saw her on campus.

 La Trobe Reading Room

From the 7 Eleven promos (links) we got a Slushie, KitKat (or 3) and S/V Chips. :)
Not sure what happened to img quality...

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