Poppies & KitKats @ Saturday, April 28, 2012

A seemingly long day, after a slightly drama deprived week. Let's start with Wednesday, as I don't remember what happen before then and after Saturday. ANZAC day. Why is it so cold?! It's not even the end of May yet. Since Sunday last week the weather has been freezing (mid-winter) with rain almost everyday and blistering winds. But the show must go on! And so it did, in the rain, fortunately by the time the parade started it was clear, though not during the dawn service.

Operation Rosemary

Afterwards we had charcoal chicken from a place in Wartina South, which was amazing. They also had hot chips but I resisted and had a potato cake instead (which was just average, and seasoned w/o request). A large range of salads from chicken avocado to seafood cocktail was also offered.

Thursday happened, and our PD group presentation went well. Minus the grammar error (on the others' part) they don't seem to believe in auto spelling & grammar check. I apparently got nervous and spoke in questions (tone). In other news mr PD is nice again, after our disagreement from week one. And Sasha (my competitor) got owned in class XD, if mr pd was a girl there's a chance Sasha would have been slapped :P. In Marketing we got another project, due in two weeks.

Friday... Group (me, myself and I) project due next week. As I was away when everyone got it, I get the pleasure of doing 5 people's amount of work. The project is on advertising and marketing, self-learning they say. I am totally stuck and have no idea what I'm doing. And as punishment for not being there when it was announced I also loose group work markets - despite the fact that I am perfectly capable of doing peer reviews for me, myself and I. Friday night was spent with the photocopier :(.

Great Quote from the Events lec.

Through the week I've been enjoying free KitKats from 7 Eleven, and gave a few away too. Here's the link for the free daily kitkat (you need fb though) and here's another promo where you play paper/scissors/rock and can win a kitkat/boost bar/chips/slushie. It's a 1 in 6 chance, and you have to play about 10 times to get something other than 'Buy one get one free slushie'.

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