Oxfam Trailwalker 2012 - Part 2 @ Saturday, April 21, 2012

Arriving at 7am, it was cold outside at ckpt 5 (mid way to the end) and most teams had already packed up from the night before (camping grounds) and headed towards the next checkpoint. A fascinating thing, I saw a tent on top a 4WD, Roof Top Tent. O.o 

They needed more people at another ckpt so I went to the O'Shannassy Aqueduct (though I don't remember what an aqueduct is other than man made structure, pumps water, to the baths in Ancient Rome). It was located in Warburton, which was on the Warburton Line but they changed the line to stop at Lilydale in '65, so it's 30mins from Lilydale. The actual location was very uphill and had great views, including the morning fog. There were also a couple massive tree stumps that would have been lovely for a Alice tea party. 

My role was 'Green Team Cordinator', which is all about waste (rubbish) management. For a couple of hours the job was to sit within views of the bins and watch people to ensure they're using the right bin. As we all have the three bins at home (general waste, compost, recycle) everyone used the right bin, except one asian girl  :P Headed for the closest bin, notices me watching, moves to the right bin XD. At some point they realized that we needed to keep the wooden spoons (made of paddle pop stick like stuff), and I had to stop people from throwing them out.

On site there was a big black dog, that had 3 cream paws (and a black one). I was told it's a stray that lives around here, they see it every year. Some people touched it.... rabies. And it drank a cup of coffee O.o Can dogs drink coffee? Unfortunately I was wearing gloves and didn't get any pictures.

Most of the day was spent in the kitchen area, I did a little washing up (plastic cups), emptied the water a few times, added water to the boiling urn-ish thing, helped make tea/coffee/soup and a Gatorade like drink, and pointed out where the hot/water could be found. There was Oxfam Hot Chocolate, mixed with lots of sugar and cold water it was nice :). Will get some next time I'm near the shop.

The Gatorade like drink is called GU and made from powder + water. 3 tubs of powder + 80litres of water. It was very concentrated as we were making it, and I ended up getting a sore throat from just smelling it. It was very wet & sticky (the tap, you need to hold part of it otherwise it goes everywhere). I liked filling up cups and ordering them in a perfect square - boarder line OCD much? :P

On the hygiene side of all things, I think it was low... (though apparently I am a hygiene freak :P) we washed the cups in warm/hot soap water - but the dishwater was refreshed enough and it didn't kill germs. And a wild dog drinking from a cup didn't help. The spoons were scary, as they re-used them and people could have put them in their mouths. Fortunately in the afternoon the supplies came and after that I insisted on one use spoons.

Would I volunteer next year? Maybe. Going to try to work at the starting line though, as it's a lot easier to get to in the suburbs, rather than country, bush-fire zone. And it depends if I have classes on that Friday.

An update on the teams. The girl scouts, Team Surely There's a Badge?!, dropped out half way. And I didn't see Ms Events, as she passed ckpt 7 at 4.37am, and was at the finish line at 8.30am (with a time of 24hrs 0mins). At ckpt 5 (camping grounds) it appears they had a nap but then walked through the night. They came 174/745. Pictures. Did anyone take pictures? Yes there was a photographer, but only at start/finish.

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