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A great way to save money on eating out is those daily deal, yes they do spam you daily, or in case of one site (forgot which one) multiple times a day. But they do sometimes, every couple months have great deals. I wouldn't recommend signing up for spam, instead bookmark and follow ozbargain, the best deals are posted there. Or use one of those collective sites that have all the deals. 

Some tips I'd give when buying these deals are...
- check out reviews, no.1 tip
- look at the location e.g. a nail place in a lower SES area isn't as preferable as one in the CBD
- only use well-known sites, just in case. e.g.
- beware those 6 course asian offers, they sometimes count rice as a dish, and some courses are tapas sizes
- pizza/pasta restaurant deals are often not worth it
- check out the menu before buying lunch/diner offers
- note the wording of T&C, e.g. "redeem early to avoid disappointment" that could mean early on the actual day, or during the time period the voucher is valid for. Some places only have x amount a day for voucher users - even though you paid for it.

Here are two recent deals, that I'd recommend. I've edited them taking out the persuade words they use e.g. "mouth watering" I'm not too fond of those descriptions as it's all persuading techniques. It's up to you, the buyer, to decided if it's mouth watering or not.  

$1 for a decent (medium) sized cup of yoghurt, sauce included, but not toppings, they cost 70c each. We went here twice, with their last offer (same as this one), good service, they offered tastings before you picked your flavour. The original flavour is lemony and reminds me of homemade yoghurt. Do check out the location before you buy, for me this location isn't a place I pass randomly, on my way to work etc. so I do have to plan a date/time to actually go. Offer link.

The Small Print
- valid 27th June to 27th Aug
- one voucher can be redeemable per person per day
- topping not included

The second deal...
$17 for 17cm/1 pound cake, serves 5. From the description (in small print link) they have a large range.

Cake World is another Bread Top franchise (asian bakery, only hires asians). There was/is one near Safeway in Carnegie, that I used to pass, bought a slice of their sponge cake once, it was lovely. Reviews, the few that can be found suggest it's good. Though the franchise has yet to create their website, I think they're still starting up?, and this offer is a part their marketing promotion to make people aware of them. Offer link.

There are 7 locations (you pick one where you'll pick up your cake from) when you buy the voucher. It looks like BH (on the Belgrave/Lilydale line) has the most stock/flavours, being more of the flagship store. Flemington appears to have least stock, as it's not their specialty, it looks sort of like 7 Eleven selling Krispy Kreme. Here's the small print.

P.S. There's no where that says you can't order the cake, so to me that says you can check out the cakes one day, and order it, say for a dinner party, on another day to get a fresher cake, as we don't know how long ago the cakes on display were made. Edit: Each day they get a set of cakes, say like a rainbow assortment, there's one of each. The next day if the red was sold another red will be delivered from the warehouse, but if not, that's yesterday's cake.

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