The other day we went to Bloom's Sale and bought some stuff, one of the two items both Emily and myself bought was the Nail Polish Remover Pads. Make-up pads soaked in nail polish remover. There are 30-something of them in a container priced at $3, RRP $7.20 from their website

My first encounter with these np remover pads was a few of years ago, ms hoh called me into her office, gave me a couple of the pads and I completely freaked out, because I really did think she was going to stab me with a needle! You know how they clean your skin before giving you immunizations. It turns out she just wanted me take off the nail polish XD. Since then I've been seeing them at various store including jewellery/bag shops oddly. 

Bloom's pads smell almost pleasant, compared to the normal nail polish remover, it smells lemony. But do they work? It depends on how much nail polish you have on exactly. Emily with one layer of colour, no top/base, could easier remove the polish from all 10 nails just two pads. I on the other hand had 4+ coats on (base, colour, colour, top), and found it quite difficult to remove, though did eventually, with two pads. It was not fun and took much longer, compared to the bottle of nail polish remover I normally use. And with glitter polish, it was a no go. Like in the description it says 'gentle', it's too gentle to remove glitter.  

Recommended? Yes for convenience e.g. travel. and if you only wear 1-2 layers, and no glitter. Perhaps it's another one of those try once things. But if like me you use 4+ coats (base, colour, colour, top), it's too much effort and too slow. With the bottle, the np comes off on contact, rather than lots of rubbing involved.

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