1st Wk Back - Wrap Up @ Tuesday, July 31, 2012

An intense work filled first week back, complete with an intense post about it. I don't normally post that much about college, it's just a test run for something. My timetable is almost finalized, just need accounting tut and stats tut, the ones I missed, to be confirmed. Last semester only one of my subjects had homework, but this semester all of them do. On top of weekly notes and projects. Scatterbrain, how I fell at the moment. Made a list, tomorrow we're going to go through and do all the work, one subject at a time. My folder hasn't been organized - but I do have it. We also need to stop by OW to get that accounting book binded. On the topics of books I have one book reserved, while for the other two books we haven't gotten any responses from potential sellers, so we're still working on that. Just messaged five people, and going to find all the notice boards around campus this week.

This coming week we're having dinner with Emily, pizza; and seeing a movie with x before Wednesday. It's one of those small films that's made in Au, so it only runs for about a month or so. This week is the last week, and so there's only three locations, one that I can get to, and one session a day. I've got the tickets and heard it's good so I really do want to get around to seeing it. Though that may be a bit difficult, as there's only one session I can go to. 

Found this amazing pencilcase, if anyone sees one of ebay or for sale in Au please tell me. That one only ships to the US. It's the most organized pencilcase I've ever seen. I love organization, iheartorganization being one of my favourite blogs. I've also considered possibly running on my own organizing business where we help people get organized, in a way a personal stylist helps makes the most of your wardrobe, though I won't work with hoarders. :P  

Picture time. 

This week I started using my first Burt's Bees lip balm.
It is refreshing just like it says! Unlike any other balm I've ever tried. It contain peppermint, which gives you that same feeling on sucking on a lozenge when having a sore throat. A white hot burn, in a way. You can actually feel the balm on your lips. In terms of moisturizing, I'm not sure if it works yet, but it's certainly better than Maybelline's Baby Lips.

Love this picture.

On Tuesday(?) we received a package in the mail. It wasn't my missing books (madman entertainment fails in the customer service area) or asos skirt (which has gone missing, as it was "delivered" but to the wrong suburb, the PO is working on it). Instead it was a prize from lapetitemademoiselle (lpm)'s giveaway. Lpm is a blog by Margaret, a Sydney fashion blogger who loves durian (spiky fruit, smells bad, but do try it ;), I love durian too. I came across her blog in a search for a review on a certain asos skirt, and she was very helpful. She took the bottom right picture below.

Maybelline 'Volume Express' Mascara & Case / La Petite Mademoiselle Necklace / Coussinet Star Brooch 

I'm looking forwards to trying out the mascara, it's a limited edition (the bottle) designed for MBFW during May. Most stores don't have them anymore, but I did find them at Safeway. The rocking horse necklace is a great base/has potential, as I wear a lot of black, the original colour of the necklace doesn't suit my style. At the moment I've painted it gold, pictures coming soon. My favourite item is the brooch, it's big and chunky and perfect to add sparkle to a winter coat. It also looks great photographed. Is the autumn background a bit much? Funny thing, when I first read 'coussi net' I read it as cousin it, from the Addams Family. XD

Friday was errands day. A quick trip into the city for some planned shopping, though I slept in, so didn't get everything done. We bought 60 wooden hangers, half being for pants/skirts, as I plan on converting from wire to wooden hangers. I heard wire hangers aren't good, but we have 100s of them, and I've never known different. Downtown Rev in Australia on Collins is closing down their clothing sector and sells wooden hangers 15 for $5. While at Collins I saw this amazing umbrella display. 

Australia on Collins - Umbrellas

My other stop was Portmans, in the basement on Bourke St. On ground level it's the shop, and there's a suit section (I think) upstairs, but it's the basement that you want to check out, with DFO prices. I like Portmans, but do find it's a bit pricey, even though it's in the middle range. The good news is that their quality is very good, a slightly cheaper version of Cue. Downstairs at the moment they have an extra 30% off their DFO prices, which is great! I bought a dress and shirt for work for $42. The dress was $130 and shirt $70-ish. They're both very good quality, and the dress is lined on the inside. I haven't got a picture of the shirt, it's white, cap sleeve, with a Peter Pan collar (think Madeline) and peplum in silhouette, with covered buttons.

Zig Zag Sitch Dress $21
This dress is great, as it's very versatile, but more on that later.
It's going to be the main feature of an upcoming post.

At the moment they have a lot of past online sale stock. Their awesome sales aren't online, so you'll have to come to the store, but you could always call before you come. I suspect a reason it's not online is a. too much HR involved on promoting sale items b. de-values the brand, more people will watch items till they're on sale in the basement.

Here are a few items I saw that are also displayed on the Portmans website...
Ponti Fit And Flare Dress (Red) - $21
Lace Trim Camisole - All Colours $7
Spot Frill Sheer Blouse - $28Mock Placket Alice Top - $28 (Note: it's see through)
Frill Front Sheer Blouse - $21

We ended the week with a drinks from Gloria Jeans. The tim tam drink is amazing and comparable to Hudsons's Chocolate Milkshake. I like mine with less/no ice (dental issue) and so it's extra creamy, and I always have cream and caramel on top. If you haven't tried it I do highly recommend it. It's the reason I go to Gloria Jeans and their best offer. ;) 

On the same day later on I paid GJ's another visit (no pun intended, as I had a 2-for-1 offer) for an afternoon with a bit of maths and readings. "Duller than dirt" the textbook described itself *cries* I was looking forwards to IT! Let's just pretend I didn't read that. I like GJ's hot chocolate, it's the slightly above the average barista's made hot chocolate. Ranks higher than homemade/7Eleven, but below Lindt/Koko. GJ's is around $5, and Lindt $6 (for take away). I always take mine with marshmallows, and if possible freshly whipped cream. I'm not really a fan of canned cream.  

OpenID herowintolo.com said... on August 1, 2012 at 9:55 AM  

i like donuts, very taste

Blogger Krissy said... on August 3, 2012 at 10:21 AM  

Wow 15 hangers for $5! Nice.
And, I never knew about that basement section at Portmans! I guess I never go in there cos I consider it to be an expensive shop. I'm going to the city tomorrow so I'll have to check it out for sure!
And OMG tim tam chiller at GJ's...amazing. Theres nothing like it. Its my ultimate treat in Summer :)

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