Handbags for Work Interviews @ Friday, September 14, 2012

It's that time of the year again, when everyone who's organized is applying for Christmas Causal positions in retail (or for World Vision), last year I applied to many places but didn't get any interview/replies, but did end up spending the holiday season wrapping gifts while fundraising for MS Australia. This year most haven't replied, two rejections so far, had one phone interview, and have been invited to two group interviews, one of which I can't make it, and I've got one one-on-one interview over coffee in a fortnight. 

Not being a girly girl that means I have 14 days to round up my make-up collection, ask Emily (the MUA) for recommendations, hopefully don't have to buy any make-up, buy an appropriate handbag and figure out transport (my ability to walk half a mile in heels is very limited). This week we're looking at handbags, I once sprained my shoulder from carrying a heavy CR style sport bag, not a handbag person, to me it's heavy (weight distribution) and isn't practical, I prefer a padded structured bag. The budget is $50, as I won't be using this as my daily bag, hence no need to invest too much, and it'll only be used on those occasions when I need to use a female friendly looking bag. We have two weeks max to get it, and so it can't be an import. Oh and it should be black, not too much detail, no glitter and needs to fit everything except my clipboard and lunch. 

I've found these three from Kate Hill, they're all black and $40.
Ruby is the biggest being 43cm in length, 14cm width and 31cm in height. Has a strap for cross-body wear.
Frida and Lily are both around 32x17x25 (lwh), wider on the side but not front on.       

a. Ruby    b. Frida   c.Lily

Which handbag do you use for your interview rounds?

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