Avoiding Work it Seems @ Monday, September 17, 2012

As I'm once again behind on posts, I don't really remember much of last week, other than being extra insecure and asking lots of Qs on Monday. Tuesday was out, like most weeks. Missed maths, both sessions on Wednesday and was late and didn't go to sus ops on Thursday. But I did finish my part of the sus ops project at 4am, and do all I could (till I ask for help) for the maths project. We also met and planned for the IT project, about 6-7 books were scanned.


We went to a Priceline event, make-up demo, Emma was very interested, I thought it was meh. the fact of the life are slowly setting in for me, the fact that yes you do have to wear make-up every single day, wear heels that hurt and carry a bag that will give you back/neck/shoulder problems. How come guys can wear no make-up, flat shoes and carry bags?!

The entire point of the event - to me, was showbags! Emma corrects me, pointing out that unless we are at the musical and we get bags of stuff that's related to the show/event, then it's called a showbag. Otherwise it's known as a "goodie-bag", which sounds wrong to me, if anyone else is getting the 'Fun with Dick & Jane' reference. Those who came early got them for free, for those who came late they were sold for $5 each, one per person, though I did see some asians try to get more than one. XD 

It came with the Sept issue of Cleo.
Number of reads-worthy articles: one, on art&craft.

Price tag-able items.
The woman running the event said the bags are worth $100+. Me: O.o 

Nude by Nature - Tinted Moisturiser 50ml 25.00
Rimmel Lasting Finish Lemon Drop 6.00
Schick Hydro Silk 7.50
Manicare Glamnails Nail Art Pen 10.00
Manicare Disposable Mascara Wands 5.00
Models Prefer Kohl Pencil 9.00
Ardell Lash Starter Kit 105 13.00
Kiss - Everlasting French Nails 13.00

Total: 88.50

I do believe the bag is worth $100-ish. Never really knew how much make-up really costs, not being a consumer of it. Adding it all up how much do you think your current make-up product cost? I personally only use eye cream, moisturizer and a lot of lip balm at the moment. The eye cream I got from a promo (free), lip balms worth about $20 (the ones that live in my bag, pocket, drawer, bathroom, nightstand), and the moisturizer is currently a trial, though I have ordered the full sized one, as an import from the USA.

All things sampled sized.
Swisse makes a hand cream O.o

Group shot. Places everyone!

Thursday Dinner - Mad Mex
 Love their burritos, they're very healthy (minus the wrap) and filling.

On the train home an old lady sitting
opposite me was reading the bible and
muttering to herself. The teenage girl
beside her was reading 50 shades of
grey. XD


On Friday I got up early for an appointment, got back around 10am and crashed. Woke up at 2pm, running late. Met Freud for afternoon tea drinks and pancakes, in his side of town. Afterward much to his dislike we went shopping, and I found an amazing dress. Needless to say not much work was done - but I did send in a project before 9am the next morning.

Freud's Short Stack
- $0.00 -

Vienna Hot Chocolate 6.00

I love cream! But this hot chocolate isn't as good as the one my coffee machines makes, and the cream is straight from a can. Above homemade (w/o the machine) but below *enter name of cafe here.* Need to visit Walkers again sometime, I've forgotten what their hot chocs taste like.  Where do you go for hot chocolate? Other than Lindt/Koko.

Freud is an analyst, but unlike me with my analysis of thoughts and life in general, he specialises in people, studying psych to be a psychologist. He says I inspire him to spend, which is a big no no, as he's a scrooge, one of the worst, fine as a friend in college, but definitely not someone I'd want to share a house with. I don't understand why he's like that, he doesn't come from a disadvantaged background or anything. He says I'm a big spending, I consulted Jas who disagrees. Though a 3rd opinion, Fernando who never levels the house hence does not spend says "your frequency out weighs your smart buying purchases".

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