Living in a Daydream @ Monday, September 17, 2012

The clop clopping noise that the horseshoes makes on the cemented streets on their tours around the city are heard echoing down the hall, and around the corner comes an elephant on skates. A slight to behold on a Monday afternoon in a city office building.

It's one of those rare, fevered days, the days that make you feel like you're dreaming, and yet awake. But not in a lucid dreaming sense, you are awake, but you feel as though it's a dream. One that you can't wake up from - unless you trot across the street for a cup of Starbucks.

Perhaps it's the heat, you know those strange rooms that are always hot, usually it's one of the science rooms, or a computer room that isn't in the basement. Perhaps not. It's always hot in here.

Or perhaps it's the heels, not even two inches, but wearing shoes with chopstick sized heels added with the temperature, high levels of stress and isolation (Austin aka mr little it, is the only person I've spoken to today, and I didn't want to talk to him) could make one feel like daydreaming. And yet it's not a daydream. I feel inspired to write, not the best moment with a major accounting project due in two days.

I know I'm not asleep, but awake, though perhaps I feel a little delusional. It's not really a dream, but I feel like it is, even though I haven't tried to fly (and for to the psychological health of others will not try to) and no one has tried to kill me - yet. Managed to do some stuff on access (with lots of help as always) though I think I'm slower than normal, which is pretty slow. On the way here I crossed the street and went up and down stairs, didn't trip or fall, though I do feel a bit wobbly with the chopstick heels. I sound like a horse and feel like an elephant on skates.

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