Something's not the same... @ Sunday, September 30, 2012

I'm not sure why, but lately, for the past few week I haven't been into blogging/taking pictures as much as usual. Feeling a bit flat too, I think it's the amount of work, stresses from work due, maths fail and upcoming exams that's having this effect on me.

Two Weeks Ago...
About two weeks ago Emily & I went shopping, we bought jam. Blueberry for her, strawberry for me.
Disappointed to say the strawberry is nothing special, like average. I prefer St Dalfour.

For lunch I went for sushi, while she picked a dish I can't recall at Hanaichi, an interesting concept.
Hanaichi offers 5 different dishes, all at the same price in two sizes. *adds to wishlist*

Results of a Sunday spent procrastinating instead of studying.
C&E. Two gifts from Kikki K. Setting powder from Cosmetics Fragrance Direct.
I'll do a review on it, right after I take a picture and use it a few more times.

Last Week

Monday, I read about 'English (Pirate)' language setting on facebook, in the newspaper. XD

I don't quite understand it though, unlike jas.

I found the cake base.
Somehow it's going to be the cake topper (we're having a round cupcake tower with a cake to cut on top). The design I love, it's the one, found it on my fb feed unexpectedly, I've seen hundreds, possible a thousand cakes, but this is the one. I'd change the colour though, the petals would be red, not sure about the base. Maybe add glitter and a figurine of us on top. The texture of the cake, the fondant, would be pillow like, criss-cross, lattice.

Bought myself some roses, before class, so photo-wise they weren't so great.
Last Friday I finally met my maths project partner (he's in another class, we met online), he's Irish. 
Relevance to the flowers? I bought the flowers on the same day.

Blogger forced me to update to their new design. It's a lot whiter. But the main difference to me, in terms of function is that crtl+s doesn't save the post I'm working on, and the save button is at the top of the page, and not bottom.

This Week

My ninja cookie cutters arrived! Looking forwards to using them in a few weeks.
Bought from ebay for $2, RRP $15, by Fred.

Emma, Beiste and Quinn are missing. Four new characters.

Glee is back :) online that is. I love Kate Hudson's Americano/Dance Again mash-up. Link. I'm a waltzer, but do sometimes do something different. Fast, frisky and passionate. Perhaps the tango with Austin. I don't mind if he reads this - just as long as it's after he's marked our project. :P  

This week I don't have classes, got two interview for Christmas Casual jobs. One was as a mall elf, I thought it went well, or at least alright, that feeling that you passed it on the day. Got a rejection email the next day. Guessing the other girls interviewed after me were more outgoing and bubbly - I'm only like that when drunk or high. Edit: I failed because compared to the other girls I had no experience.

Foundations, I'm trying out Clinque Matte & YSL's new Le Teint Touche Eclat.
I'm also testing a tinted primer by Laura Mercier.

Went to a workshop on procrastination, slightly surprised anyone came XD. Made a friend, which is quite difficult for me. We shall call him Marco, because he has a ferret. Anyone make the connection? :P Doubt anyone will, but it's all a part of the name game. Marco was in the army and he has no fear of heights, as a commando. I'm freaked out by heights to the point where I can't drive up and down hills, and CA is made up of them. He's studying business too :) I do think he's the only guy I've seen wearing earrings in both ears. He seems very nice.

Tuesday Night we went to see a double bill, refer to 'Foreplay in the Basement'. :P

On Thursday I had a group interview for "Forever 30", a fashion retail that recently revamped it's image (before it was an upper version of Millers) glad that I wasn't the only person who wore a suit :P One other lady wore one too, the rest were teenage-ish/college girls. Once again I failed to be bubbly, talkative. And most of the girls were quite dominating when it came to group questions. The structure was talk to the person next to you, introduce them to the room, sell an outfit you're given as a group, and then one-on-one/group questions. There's a lot of questions on teamwork, I was asked the advantages, which didn't go so well, as it isn't sport and I don't see the puzzle pieces fitting.

Afterwards I met up with Emily for a late lunch at La Porchetta in South Yarra. Emily had spaghetti while I had a "snack" really I did intend on it being a snack, but I didn't realize that the bowl of wedges would be huge, and for $7 you pay what you get. The main point of our afternoon was to visit Lux Bite, with my DSLR, which is rare as it rarely leaves my studio. But we were driving so I could bring it along, it takes amazing photos, but for everyday pictures, I prefer to take my mini as it's pocket size.

If you order pasta it comes with bread & butter, I love them, dense but soft.

What $7 of wedges looks like at La Porcheta... It's bigger than it looks, a snack for two.
Emily had spaghetti - it wasn't picture perfect, plate wasn't 'cleaned-up' and there was no green garnish, hence no close up.

Since Lux Bite is stunning, it deserves its own post. :P After a late lunch Emily unfortunately wasn't up for dessert. I didn't realized they had a caramel slice and had already chosen 'Endless Love' before we got there. Their desserts are almost $10 each, quite pricey, perhaps a once in a while treat. I loved endless love, it tastes as amazing as it sounds. The raspberries are fresh, the cream is amazing, and there's a canned lychee, but then again they hard to find in winter.

Endless Love
Lychee Ganache - Rose Cream -  Lychee & Raspberry

I have therapy on Fridays and sometimes like to stop by Ferguson Plarre.
If you sign up for their newsletter they often have specials, this fortnight's was $1 party pies.
They're 100% beef, no pork, and quite filling too.

Mother's friend has come to stay in our guest room for a week or two to renovate her place, she bought gifts.
Lucky guess, she bought C&E's Evelyn Rose, which I love, it's my favourite C&E scent. My brother got the blue set, Himalayan, which smells like green tea and something else. 

My sister got the red rose purse, which has a short strap and long one, to wear cross-body. 

This week I re-discovered that I love like to cook, I made Breakfast Burritos (sausage, hashbrown, scrambled eggs) which involved learning how to cook sausages and the eggs (hashbrown baked in the oven), made a week's worth of that, and now I feel a bit sick from the very processed food. Never making that again, I discovered I don't like hashbrowns that much. Other than the burritos I also made pancakes (now in the freezer) with banana and honey, chocolate truffles, which turned out wrong (too flat, I didn't have the tin), and blueberry friands. In making truffles I spent an hour chopping chocolate, it wasn't almost quite as tedious as I thought. The friands are amazing! And very easy to make, note that you need to melt the butter before you chuck it in. Going to have a recipe post for the blueberry friands.

Not sure if that was with natural lighting or not...

I started this post about a week ago, and as I'm still working on it I haven't published it yet. Still a bit down about computer issues (pictures = lag/freeze) going to get it checked out, right click to copy/paste/rename has died. Fortunately there's nothing wrong with the cameras. I wish there was a DSLR made as a mini I could take everywhere. Going to LuxBite with it has helped me get my "mojo" back, I love taking pictures.

Blogger Krissy said... on October 1, 2012 at 10:03 AM  

That sucks about the jobs!! I'm also really shy (and sometimes go speechless from nerves) in interviews and I hate geting dominated by those bubbly/outgoing girls!!

Lol at the pirate language on FB!! I dont understand it either!!

And those ninja cookie cutters look awesome!! haha

Blogger Charlie said... on October 4, 2012 at 11:11 PM  

Giving up on CC for this year, another year. Going to summer school instead, now I just got to decide between stats or economics :P

I might use the cookie cutters for WTO late oct, dip the legs in chocolate, rainbow sprinkles - assuming it doesn't get to hot and melt while being delivered.

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