Foreplay in the Basement @ Thursday, September 27, 2012

Reference to title, I'd rather not. Basements are unhygienic, places crawling with rats, and the lighting isn't particularly good for photography. But nevertheless we went to the basement for foreplay. Under the UniLodge building next to the Royal Dental Hospital, around the corner is a small path lending to a shed like shelter over stairs, ivy growing on the walls, follow the stairs and you'll get to the basement. It's not a place you could easily find, one of those places that you need to know where it is to find it. There are no signs suggesting what's in the basement. Google maps will direct you to UniLodge, and you'll think it's wrong, but it's not. You just need to know to go around the side. ;)

It's not a brothel, if that's what you're thinking. Foreplay at Good Time Studios. A coincidence really, the studio is a performance space, they do put on other plays, this one just just happened to be called 'Foreplay'. XD It's about a group of people talking about the sex industry (which I do believe is legal) prompted by a "scandal" of a councilman being seen/caught with his working girl.

The Cast

My favourite line was between the waitress and actor, about speed dating being about seeing how many people
he could alienate in an hour XD sounds like me.

It was very good, the set design was very interesting, most of the space was set up a cafe with the audience sitting around small tables, and there was an area set up like a waiting area at the doctor's, two rows of seats with a table with magazines, and then there's two corners set up as a simple office. The play took place around the space, at two cafes, two offices, the waiting room and a space in the middle. Not sure why the bed's there, but it isn't used. Another than in the end scene where the characters go psycho mode, screaming, running around and trashing the room. I like their use of space. And the lighting, the lighting design was done by a girl who went to our college, she's an amazing actor. There was a spotlight on the area where the scene played out, while the rest of the room was dim/in blackness.

The Space

As it was a double bill (two plays, one night, one space/stage) we also saw 'Behind the Bow' which was interesting. With music I hear the music and not often the words, hence subtitles are always on. Didn't really get it, but it was something about a girl who wanted to be famous and a bow that talks. Lucy, the main character is a very good singer and every note was in tune. :P Though I thought it was a bit random.

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