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Perhaps that's not the best intro I could have done, but it does have the word 'feet' in it :P I think feet tend to be the most neglected part, when it comes to creams, lotions, exfoliating and moisturizing. How often do you use foot cream? I rare use it, even though it's on my nightstand. But I do use handcream before bed, and that has a different scent, and it's wrong to mix them. Fragrance free would be great, but C&E doesn't do that. It's a lux brand, and they aren't going to market to anything hyper-sensitive anytime soon. 

My latest feet product purchase was Crabtree & Evelyn's Foot Smoother & Extreme Foot Therapy from their La Source range, described as 'spa-scented', that's marketed to both females and males. This range is suitable to buy for the guy in your life, even for the guy that believes it's a threat to his masculinity. Fortunately my guy, le beau isn't that type of guy and would use moisturizers in tubes, as long as he doesn't have to carry it around with him. 

Onto the review: La Source Foot Smoother

Renew dry, rough feet with our revitalising Foot Smoother - a blend of fine pumice, shea butter, peppermint oil and marine extracts. Leaves feet smooth, soft and supple.

So what exactly is it? It's an exfoliator for your feet, think of a pumic stone, but mixed in with a cream. Not as affective, but much it feels much nicer, it's also scent which could be a plus/minus. For me as it's on my feet it doesn't really matter that I don't love the scent. The SA recommends using it weekly, as it could get messy I like to use it before I shower. Do note that it's not as affective if your feet are wet. It does make you feet nice, as a lux item, but isn't really an essential. If you have scary (cracked dry) feet it's better to use Eulactol Heel Balm as a treatment first. The bottom line: If you need a foot exfoliator that isn't as  scary as practically shaving skin off your heels this is the one. And it's current on sale, as C&E are re-doing the tube. 

La Source Extreme Foot Therapy

Experience Wonderfully Soft Feet With Our Moisturising Foot Remedy, Featuring A Blend Of Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, And Jojoba Esters.   Enriched With Marine Extracts And Tocotrienol, A Potent Form Of Vitamin E.

The next step is to pat your feet dry and moisturize, going with La Source theme. C&E's foot cream is a similar consistency to their handcream, though perhaps a tiny bit more liquidy, and like their handcreams it also dries fast, and therefore is idea to use at your desk. It's a nice product, though initially did nothing, but after a fortnight or so of daily usage my feet did feel softer and more moisturizing. Recommended but you could do better, the best foot creme I've used is the Burt's Bees one, which is very thick and you'll need bed socks. 

For more pictures of the foot smoother and therapy, click here.       

We bought their 'Extreme Foot Therapy', from the C&E outlet for $13, on sale as they're discounting it, and creating a new version, and marketing that as the 'Ultra Moisturizing Foot Remedy'. Their foot smoother was $10 on sale (normally $20), available online, but not at all their stores. So basically we bought their feet kit for $23, which is normally $42. They also have the travel/KK gift size for $12, haven't seen it in their retail stores, but did see it at their outlet for $8.  

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