Birthday Offers @ Monday, December 31, 2012

Those VIP cards that every fashion/food retailer offers these days, are usually just another card to cram into your wallet. Most cards do nothing - unless you spend a week's wages there, but there are some cards worth signing up for. Places that have birthday offers, here's the full list. To maximize the use of the offers it's best to go the city, where most of the shops with offers will be.

The best offers: 
- Baskin Robbbins, Boost, Subway, Brumby's, Salsa, 7 Eleven, Muffin Break, Chatime, Ferguson Plarre, San Churro.  
- Sumo Salad (note to get this card you need to buy something), same with Mimco.
- Urban Burger & Cold Rock - BOGOF
- Priceline, Witchery, Spotlight, La Senza, Jeanwest, Sava, Sportcraft, House, Katies, Crossroads, Kikki K.

Unfortunately with the food ones they're only redeemable on your birthday (except 7 Eleven & Salsa), but with the others you usually have about 30 days. On my birthday I got a free boost juice (b'fast), burrito from Salsa, ice cream from Baskin Robbins (lunch) and Subway (fresh rather than toasted, tomorrow's lunch). One of the best offers is Churros, but I didn't go the city that day. Here's the offers I did claim:

Sportscraft $20 Credit. With the VIP discount I got this notebook for 6.20. 
Do use your address/PO when signing up, as they'll send you the $20 card.

 Kikki-K sends an email with a bar/code for $10. 
Picked two pens as I didn't really need another notebook, or wedding planner.

 Food Offers - Boost & Salsa
$20 from Sportscraft & $25 from Saba
Witchery & Mimico also offer credit on their cards.

Do you redeem your birthday offers?

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