Mocha Jo's @ Monday, December 31, 2012

For my birthday every year we do yum cha, but this year with half the family away we didn't. That and it's always a rush to get to yum cha somewhere far away, I like to start the 26th at 7am shopping and yum cha is set at a certain time so that everyone there for that sitting gets to pick things off the cart.

This year by random selection and lack of planning ahead and making reservations, we went to Mocha Jo's. I had it on my wishlist as place to have brunch, with one of their lunch boxes. But we went for dinner instead, as I spent the morning shopping. We shall be back for another review, perhaps.

As it's the holidays everyone's super busy, and so we had Andy for company, who wouldn't be caught dead with me. Story is that he's popular and I'm someone most people don't want themselves to be associated with. When they see me coming, they'll cross the street to avoid me - that's if I went outside.


 Andy ordered a Cappuccino (4.40) as always.

I ordered the White Hot Chocolate w Marshmallows (4.50). It lovely, sweet but not too sweet, though I do think I detect a hint of powder, rather than actual chocolate. Nevertheless I would recommend it.

 The Menu

MJ Beef Burger 20.00
100% prime beef pattie, fresh tomato, melted tasty cheese, 
crispy cos lettuce, onion jam, chunky chips, house mayo

Andy doesn't like to try new things and so he went with the burger and fries. He says it was good, though he doesn't eat out much and is a happy camper with Hungry Jack/Burger King, he says he'll stick to Burger King. The fries, chunky cut seasoned with salt was very good though, I'd order them again. It came with tomato sauce and sour cream for dipping. 

On the other side I ordered the Chicken & Mushroom Risotto (21.50).It was bland. There was no flavour - other than the parmasen at the top. Andy's chunky chips with salt had a lot more flavour. For the price that they charge I expected much better, I know it's a cafe and not fine dinning, but still it should be better. While the cooking method was fine, it was just the lack of flavours that was the issue.

Service ranges depending on your waiter, but overall the staff are friendly. Though I'd take off a few marks for the dirty teaspoon that came with the hot chocolate, I asked for another and it was dirty too. Not impressed. So hygiene may be in question.

The bottom line: go for the atmosphere, for coffee or hot chips, but not for a meal. This place is known for their coffee, and atmosphere, and that's all their is to it. For lunch or dinner there are much better places nearby. For burgers and chips there's Hook, Liner & Sinker across the street, and the Pancake Parlour if you're looking for something familiar. 

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