Baguettes and Crepes @ Sunday, January 13, 2013

This week I ate out a lot as we were super busy with school starting. Crepes, baguettes, and we tried three new places this week. Disturbingly I don't recall most of the week, but the pictures do help. Last Monday seemed like months ago... Excuse the not so great pictures, it's hard to bring a DSLR everywhere when you're heading to class.

Most days this week started off with buying breakfast. I tried to make breakfast once but found it very challenging, especially as I had to eat on the go and there's never any seats on the train on the express in the morning.


 Turkey & Cranberry
I've always wanted to buy a bauguette for lunch from 'Metro Baguettes' though it's just one of those things I've never gotten around to doing - even though it's a block away from my building. Spontaneous and indecisively I finally stopped by on an early Monday morning, and to my delight I found something I liked! Turkey & Cranberry, at first it may seem like an odd combo, but trust me it's amazing. And fortunately does not require an acquired taste. It was good, but other than that flat. Though that's expected of something you could make yourself. It's a place that I'd recommend you try to save you've had lunch there once.

 Monday Mail
A shambella in royal blue.

On Tuesday, or Wednesday I ticked another place off my list. Le Petite Creperie. That newspaper stand thats been converted into a small but efficient crepe stand, where the staff  are French and crepes start from 4.50.

Andy & I both had the salted caramel which was delish. Though it could have used more caramel. I liked it and would order it again, but with extra caramel ;) Andy liked it, but said for $5 it was pricey and small - compared to that asian crepe place near Boost at Melbourne Central. But then I pointed out that that's not authentic (though they're asian and don't claim to be French), they use cream straight from the can and their crepes are chewy and doughy. I prefer French crepes.

La Petite Creperie on Urbanspoon

 The Silver Man with the Rooster - Bourke St Mall Living Statues

He's sitting on an invisible chair. A little boy swiped his arms around where the chair would have been and of course there was nothing there. It's amazing that he could be in that position fo so long, and look completely at ease.

I've always wanted one of these, though I don't think it looks that amazing unless you have lots. Think they're called 'Great Balls of Light', and are $35 a strand. Hoping to find a cheaper dupe, though note that if you get them from china you might have to get an adaptor for it to work here.

 Cool tree of 'message in a bottle's.  DIY-able, if you can get the bottles.
I just love all those bottles and have a small collection myself.

 Breadtop - Potato & Chicken

 Breadtop - Creamy Corn Bun
*sigh* I'm a regular at Breadtop, should really find a healthier bakery though. This week we tried something new, the creamy corn bun. It was too salty for me, and the combo of corn and salty mayo was wrong to me. No likely. Though I did like the chicken and potato one  - but it is very oily.

 Saba - Colette Cuff 27.50
Revlon - Nail Polish in Crescent 2.55

As a part of their VIP program (free to join), Saba gives you $25 credit on the card for your birthday. Unlike with Witchery or Kikki K, $25 doesn't go far - unless you're getting a small accessory on sale. While at DJ I also picked up a black nail polish for 2.55 :) they have lots of small beauty/cosmetic things on sale as leftovers from xmas, which they're calling their mid-year clearence. O.o

Birds at School
Small sparrow like birds, two tailed. 
Any ideas what they're called? I've never seen them before.

Attempted to clean part of my room, and found a few things I forgot I had like...

 ... a beautiful custom mug from le beau

 .... and a bottle of homemade bath oil from Lily. 
Which I look forwards to using along with bath salted and bubbles.              

Blogger In The Night Sky said... on January 14, 2013 at 11:19 AM  

I walk past that baguette place every night after work and always say to myself that I must try it one day...myabe not missing much then? Turkey and Cranberry is a great combo :)

Blogger Pork Chop's Nest said... on January 15, 2013 at 11:45 AM  

Salted caramel crepe = amazing stuff! And that baguette shop is one that I have always wanted to go to.

Blogger Charlie said... on January 15, 2013 at 7:57 PM  

They seem to have different baguettes each day, and for b'fast/lunch, so if you don't see anything you like today try again another day. ;)

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