Recaps of 2012 - September @ Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Lily & I went to a book signing for a new cookbook by Fast Ed, he's very very tall! Afterwards we met le beau for chocolate. There were "showbags" at the event. I can't be the only one who likes Cranberry juice can I? Lily doesn't like it and says it's too watered down, but cranberries grown in lakes. 

Worked at De Castella Run at Xavier, doing showbags, there were half-dressed Deakin cheerleaders, face painting and a petting zoo. There was a few cute bunnies! 

Shopping with Emily. Got one of the worst customer service experiences ever from the girl with purple hair and glasses at Clear It Offline.  

Went to a beauty demo event. Tis was boring. They sold showbags (to half the people there, so people got them for free O.o), regret not bringing more cash to get one for Lily... as on the event page it said one per person. But then again it also said they were free. 

 Vienna Hot Chocolate 6.00

It was nice, nothing amazing though. I'd rather go to Lindt. Met up with the scrooge, free food is always a prompt for him to well, go anywhere. 

At some point we met Austin, for unknown reasons he makes me feel a little nervous and sometimes tongue tied. Though it could be because he's not that much older than me and has achieved much more than me, much more than I probably will ever achieve actually. Living and breathing a specific subject for two years doesn't sound so appealing. 

 Foreplay - The Cast

Went to see another Double Bill with jas. He's very interested in 'Foreplay in the Basement' (though not with me) XD even before I told him it was a play :P The 2nd play we saw was something about bows, it was boring.

I found the base for our cake. It's the structure and design I want, but we'll have some alterations like the sofa/cushion texture, and colours. We'll also add a figurine of us on top, thinking of a dancing one. Le beau's letting me be in charge of making most of the decisions, but wants to be involved more than most guys. :P He's very keep on having a cream sponge cake and we both want some sort of orchestra.   

 Endless Love
Lychee Ganache - Rose Cream -  Lychee & Raspberry

Had a job interview, failed. Wasn't outgoing and dominating enough. But then we got to go to Lux Bite cause it was close by. I definately will go back to try some of their other desserts. 

I finished my 'About Me' post! It's a sticky, right toolbar. Sleeping Beauty's my favourite princess, even though she does nothing but get saved by the prince.

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