Recaps of 2012 - August @ Tuesday, January 08, 2013

KK's Olympic Promotion
Free doughnut (everytime Australia gets a medal)
Perhaps I shouldn't have eatten that many... 

Snap #5 Sister Cities Pillar/Block of Imprinted Cement 

Our team won the treasure hunt! There were three caterogories: Snap (picture), Collect, Document (answer the Qs). We complete the most challenges, with the help of google. Still think it's odd that no one else went to the library to look for answers... Though we did have the advantage of having 3 out of 4 of our team knowing the city and being not international students (the treasure was for internationals, which mean mainly asians with a few Europeans, the other Americans don't go to these events...). 

Found a great online floor plan designer. Created a picture of my room. 

 Bought some amazing lamingtons. 

It's been at least a decade since I last had them - bought them from a "French" asian bakery, and part of it was green. O.o Which I discovered after I took a bite. Know I know why they only had one in the display, it was at least a week old... Never buy from asians - unless they get good reviews. 

Worked at 'Hay House's - Mind, Body and Soul Convention'. The expo center does really good food. ;) Got some amazing pictures of food, with my mini. Not sure if I believe in psychics though, which really offended one woman I was working with. The events planner guy was very nice & friendly. :) One of the nicest I've met in events.

We saw 'The Three Musketeers', it was very good according to me, but I wouldn't see it again, it was horrible said jas. My most watched/sung musical is still Sweeney Todd though. :P

Work at Daffadil Day. You know business is bad when the numbers of pictures you took during  your shift exceeds the amount of  sales made. :P Fortunately Pink Ribbon Day went much better.

 Pancake Parlour was offering free pancakes for a fb like. 
I felt weird about it, so always bought a mocha/ccino, or soda.
It's nice to be in the city at 7am, it means you'll get to class on time.         

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