Silver Potato Pancakes @ Sunday, January 06, 2013

Not much happened this week. I worked a lot on my blog, reading the happening of 2012 and doing recaps. Last week till classes start for the year.


Watched Desperate Housewives. Up to Season 2. 

 Beef in Wild Betel Leaf with Rice Vermicelli
(Thịt bò là lốt & Bánh hỏi)

 On Tuesday we went to dinner at a place 45mins away out far away out in the suburbs. I'm doing a separate post for that. It's a decent place, that's cleaner than your average asian place where you keep your elbows off the table because it's dirty. :P

Watched Downton Abbey's Christmas Special. A quote from Fernando "Watching Downton, a uni lecture's experience", he was referring to the accent. As there was one accent, the very Scottish one I didn't understand. Main character was killed, as the actor wanted out. That's just wrong... the show won't be the same w/o him! 

I transferred a pot lip balm into tubes, as realisticly I never use the pots. It's just inconvenient, and almost medieval to me, we have more options nowadays. We tried using a double boiler and water bath, both failed. In the end we used the microwave, one minute on high should do it. 

 Julie Goodwin's Rich Potato Puree
(the light yellow thing with green dots)

I made mash potatoes, and they turned out alright! A bit lumpy, and too salty but there wasn't chunks in it or anything.  This is exciting news as I don't cook, and back when I did my specialty is 'Food as Gifts', and partly baking. It was very easy, 3 ingredient cooking. And father said it was good! He never says anything that is related to me is good, be it my work, awards/trophies or competitioning winnings.

 Made pancakes. Too thick, uncooked on the inside. 
The combo of caramel sauce and banana was lovely though. 

Last year I said I was going to get a life, offline, and make an effort to be social. Well that failed... but this week I have contacted quite a few places and gotten a couple replies for trials, for ballroom and badminton. Not sure if Ms S is running her card making workshops anymore... There was a cooking class I wanted to sign up for, but it ran on Wednesday morning.


You know it's summer when... you take a shower at 2am and by 3am your hair is dry - and you didn't blow dry. 

Big W was having a 'Back to School Sale', got some crayons, HB pencils, display folders and a shoe. :P I've always waned one of these. It's a Christmas tree decoration btw. 

Got my Lush order. There was a glitch so I got two of one box and completely missed out on 'House of Fun'. :( The double is going on ebay.

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