I know technically this is another post from 2012-ish, but I'm almost up to date. 

This week started on Sunday, cooking adventures and a trip to the city. 

In the morning I made macaroons, using a package mix. Though I knew that my problem was technique rather than gathering/measuring the ingredients.

 Inside the box (L-R): Almond meal, caramel mix (batter), thick caramel "sauce",
ring (for drawing circles on baking paper), x2 piping bags (batter & ganche).

 They failed because....
1. Box says it makes 40, I only got 24. Conclusion: Mixture too thick, add more water.
2. They were chewy and tough - baked too long. Not as bad as last time though.

3. As seen in the picture above, mix was too still and didn't melt into shape.

But on the upside the ganche/filling of salted caramel was lovely, except for the artery clogging bit.

Zumbo's Salted Caramel Macarons

I think I'll give it a few months before I try again. But I will buy the box again, as it was very convenient, and easier than sourcing almond meal at a good price, though I did hear of a place in Sunshine that stocks it.


On my way to meet Freud for lunch and a movie I couldn't help stopping at Lush. Swanston St still had quite a few xmas items on sale. Though that's not the reason I came. I came to check out the Midnight Massage Bar (le beau likes them), as I had ordered them online but didn't know what they smell like.
Midnight Massage
Lunch with Freud at Snag Stand, I got a hot dog and fries while he went across the road for a cheaper option burger, fries and coke from Burger King. There's a reason why I don't see him too much, he's a very picky eater. Hates seafood, won't go to even $$ places, and prefers his food fast and cheap. For unknown reasons despite all that saturated fat he consumes he's still stick insect thin. I believe one day it will all catch up to him.


I've been to Snag Stand before, once but the pictures weren't that good, and being NYE most places on my wishlist were closed, and so I picked something closer to our next destination

After minutes of analyzing I picked 'Australia Fare' (beef & tomato sausage on a toasted brioche roll with cheddar cheese, sauteed onions and beerenberg, tomato sauce 7.90)  and hot chips (3.90) with fresh herb aioli sauce (1.00).

 I don't like onions. 

Freud found it hilarious to watch me tackle it, especially when I ended up with the Parmesan down my top! It was good, but not amazing. I could make this at home.

The hot chips fared greater - when eaten with fresh herb aioli sauce which was their best seller. It's a bit on the oily side, though not as oily as Schnitz. The sauce was the amazing part. The chips weren't really seasoned like Grill'd which in my books still holds the title of best hot chips.

It's another one of those places where I say go for the experience to to say you've been there, but move on there are better places to become regulars at. 

OpenID peachcordial said... on January 4, 2013 at 11:48 AM  

I agree that Grill'd has the most awesome chips ever. I love the Toulouse snag from the Snag Stand!

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