Recaps of 2012 - March @ Thursday, January 03, 2013

I lost it and had a panic attack one day on the way to class, ended up missing class. Had a fight with a bitch on the train, she started it. Psychological breakdown mode for the rest of the week, with added temptation to call Ian, only to remember that he's dead. 

Ms events tut recommended some grammar books, as she highly disapproved of my American way of spelling. I still haven't finished reading them. Grammar isn't that appealing to me. 
It was week two, timetables being finalized. Found myself in a strange place. Never before I have to interact with people who aren't perfectly fluent in English. I simply don't understand accents, and it's not a racist against anyone who isn't white, I only partly understand the Polish and French accent. 

 One day I forgot my camera. This was the result. Yes I drew that, on InkArt. 

 Worked at Footscray Rickshaw Run. Dislike.
Not too fond of the area, and some uncivilized people.  

 Discovered frozen yoghurt, and added Cacao Green 
to my list of places to try. Still haven't gotten around to it. 

 My corset collection increased, and I discovered La Senza. 

We worked at the City Romp Event. It looked great, wanted to do it in 2013 but it isn't running :( That and a team of me, myself and I isn't going to work out... we need le beau & co. 

A tick off my UrbanSpoon wishlist, as I had the opportunity to visit Koko Black for their creamy hot chocolate. But I do prefer Lindt's chocolate over cream version. If you like your hot chocolate creamy I'd highly recommend Koko.

Blogger A Shoe Affair said... on January 4, 2013 at 12:16 PM  

You're right, the aioli at Snag stand is amazing! I actually think the chips are better than Grill'd but I think it depends when and where you go.

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