There's Something About Austin @ Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Oh dear, here we go again. I've completely forgotten about Austin (cute guy who was my IT class), which was amazing - the forgetting part that is. Haven't even thought of him since class ended last November, but now he's back. He turned up to my class on Monday, turning up to the wrong room/class, it happens to everyone once in a while. Said something about a room change and losing most of the class. And so he's back - in my head.  I looked up timetables and his class was in that room - in December...

Since I saw him last Monday things have been strange. On the day...

If it's not love or lust (no offence or anything, guys thinner than me don't appeal to me, not that I've ever been thin...) what is it? I'm going to go with obessession.

At some point on Tuesday, during a nice long thought wandering bubble bath, I think I figured it out - I'll just ask him to join me for coffee sometime. Where coffee means just coffee, not the "coffee" back at my place after dinner. If he says yes we'll work on the next part. Though if he drops dead or jumps through a window that's the end, and hopefully I'll never see him again. Perhaps I should suggest he get a restraining order again me?

On Wednesday I went to see him, his class always ends early unless I someone insists that he can't leave right till the end. Though I did find a diary a woman had forgotten, hence an excuse to see Austin without looking like the stalker that I am. :P He found me, I didn't go looking for him to start off with. Hence not completely my fault. He was leaving, and so I didn't get a chance to talk to him, other than to give him the book and some pictures on a usb. And I realize something. He has three effects on me, three modes: "feels like an idiot" mode (when he's not around, though thoughts of him are), silly (when I think everything is amusing and the world is a beautiful place), and mean (mean me doesn't like him and can also be described as 'stone cold bitch' without being bitchy).

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