Totally Nuts... about Coffee @ Saturday, January 19, 2013

It's Friday night and I've uploaded, edited and have all of this weeks' pictures ready for blogging. :) I'd like to write about things at the end of each day or two, though that isn't realistic, and so each week's post is posted the following week.

Economics with Austin, dinner at the beach, an amazing absurdist magic show, computer illiteracy, Sleeping Beauty and geleto. It's been a fun week (translation: not much work was done). The worst part was where I lost my brain. I'm completely lost, I don't understand anything in class and have a serious case of lack of concentration. 

Le beau and I are "taking a break" as he's mad disappointed in me, I did something very bad - the subject of issue was there last year, but then it went away and I completely forgot about. Until it appeared this week, which was a complete coincidence.

This week I had a mocha once, trying to decrease caffeine consumption, though these days with my wandering thoughts it doesn't help anyway, I'm already in another state of consciousness, one that is insanely delusional and unrealistic.

 In search of the new Essence Collection (sold out/na) at Target I found lego rubbers! 

 Sneak peak at upcoming photo shoot.

 Came upon this, running late on Thursday, the day after we saw the show.

Also on Thursday we revived the magic of crtl + z and crtl + h. Revision Qs were left on the desktop, everyone who had their usb with them lined up to get a copy it. With a class of 40-ish we're going to be here forever, especially as it doesn't always turn up, takes a moment to identify and then there's the safety remove part. Ladies and gentleman grab a number and take a seat. Hope you bought something to entertain yourself with.

I'm not one to go with the status quo, *skips the line, logs into my email while eveyone's like O.o "What is she doing?" select all files in the folder, uploads to attachments*. Everyone just stick your email in the 'To' area. Most of the class went with it, though there was a group of girls and a few others who didn't and held up the line. School email is strange, after each email you need a semi-colon not a comma. Miss eco goes through and changes each one O.O. Presses the wrong button and poof it's gone... Crtl + z is your friend. And so it crtl +h, which replaced all the ",'s" with ";'s" within a second.      

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