David Jones - Deluxe Sample Tote 2013 @ Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Option a.

David Jones are having their annual deluxe sample tote offer again. You can purchase it when you buy anything full priced under cosmetics, for 20.00 (the price of the tote that is).

While it's better to buy something you actually need that's on your wishlist, you could also get something very cheap. Here are the 3 cheapest full-priced things I found online:
1. DJ Beauty Aloe Vera Body Wash 75ml - 3.00 
2. Natio Shea Butter Lip Balm 5.00
3. Rimmel London Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil (Stormy Grey) 6.00

Here's more details.

I tried to do an analysis of the picture above, while I recognized brands it was too hard to figure out what the actual products were. But then when I bought the bag it came with a tag with details.

In the analysis we determined you should pick the bag with more stuff you like/will actually use. And so I went with b., as from a. I only wanted the Lanolips (though not that much), Grown and foundation, but only because it was fair vs tan. And I'm not tan which was the shade in option b. unless you're lucky enough to find the powder. From option b. I liked everything except the liquid foundation in tan.

Option b. minus Demalogica

Here's the bag I got. Though I'm going to exchange it as its missing the Demalogica, didn't notice in stores as I was too preoccupied with searching for the powder. That and I really want the powder, over the liquid foundation, because I'm not tan, and prefer option b.

Here's some the OPI colours I've seen at Bourke St.

And here's the other half. Not 100% I saw Honk...

And just because I couldn't resist, I did a price analysis. That and it's way less stressful that trying to fitting a stack of notes the size of the bible (15.5pgs) on a sheet of paper (8pgs via shrinking them to 0.25). 

DJ Beauty - Day Cream 30ml 25.00
DJ Beauty - Cleanser 30ml 17.00
OPI - Mini 3.75ml 5.00

Option a. 
Armani Perfume Sample - 0.00
Scottish Fine Soaps - Shampoo/Conditioner 40ml - $unknown
Elixa 10ml - $unknown
Lanolips - Golden Pot 12.00
Grown - C&GB Hydrate Cream 12ml 9.05
Revlon - Lipgloss 5.9ml 22.00 
DJ Beauty - Cream Foundation 30ml 23.00

Option b.
Dermalogica - Daily Microfoliant 13g 16.00
Kosmea - Rescue Balm 5g 2.40
A'kin - Cleanse/Toner 20ml 2.50
Batiste - Dry Shampoo 50ml 5.00
Live Clean - Argan Oil 30ml $unknown, Note: bad reviews
C&E - Hand Therapy 25g 5.00
DJ Beauty - Liquid Foundation 35ml or Silk Powder 12g 20.00

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