January Samples @ Wednesday, February 06, 2013

At first I was going to name this post 'January Empties', but then I realized that doesn't quite make sense when it's 1-2 use samples I've used (mainly). While other bloggers do 'empties' posts as they've accumulated so much stuff over time, and become on the edge of being a hoarder, I sort of do the same, but with samples. With actual products I don't buy impulsively  I look up reviews, compare and do deep analysis, too deep perhaps.

This will be a monthly post, a quest to find the perfect skincare products that suit me (very sensitive, dry/oily schizo skin type) that are also budget friendly, though I'm not sure if a $75 200ml moisturizer that lasts for 5-6 months is budget friendly or not... Upfront I'm going to say no, but cost per use it's not that bad.

So this month I tried...

A'kin Pure Radiance Certified Organic Rosehip Oil - 23ml/25.00

I got this for around 13.00 from DJ/Myer last year during xmas sales, at 25.00 I wouldn't have bought it. While everyone's raving about the rosehip oil (RHO) cult it's one of those hit/miss products. Unfortunately a miss for me, with my oily skin I broke out, and it took me a month (or half a bottle later) to figure it out that it was the oil. Though I didn't break out at first. From reviews I've gathered it's better for dry skin. 

Clean & Clear Essentials Oil-Control Toner - 100ml/6.50

On application (I transferred the sachet to an old spray bottle) my skin felt a bit drier and tight. Then I put on my moisturizer and sunscreen and go about my day. Throughout the day my skin becomes oily and I always blot around lunch, but I don't have to anymore, because this toner really does do what it claims, oil-control.

The scent is lovely, popcorn, like their foaming cleanser I used a decade ago it brings back blurry memories of middle school, and all the trouble we caused :P. Highly recommended for those with an oil problem. I'll definitely be buying this product. 

Sebamed Moisturising Body Lotion - 200ml/14.00

A light, more gel than lotion with a herbal smell. While it's moisturizing  I don't like the scent which lingers for a few hours after application.  Will stick with Cetaphil. 

Kiehl's Orange Flower & Lychee Skin-Softening Body Lotion - 250ml/38.00

Unlike Cetaphil a little doesn't go a long way, the consistency is half way between a gel and lotion. More suited for summer than winter. I also found that I needed 15mls to cover, and it wasn't as moisturizing as Cetaphil. 

On scent it's lovely and settles down a bit when it sinks in, and so doesn't clash with perfume.  If it's the scent you're after you might be better off getting the fragrance (30ml/29.00). At 152.00 a litre this is quite $$$$, and perfume should be used seldomly rather than as an everyday moisturizer.   

Alchemy - Macadamia & Wheat Conditioner  - 500ml/27.00

You're meant to comb it through damp hair and leave it for 30mins. Well that didn't happen... As it was a sachet, one use isn't much to judge by. It was ok I guess, not something I'd buy though. This product is probably best suited to use during a long bubble bath, more as a treatment than conditioner though.

Clinque 3 Step System - 49.00+

Upselling, is something I dislike, sometimes it's fine, like when you go to McD and they ask if you want fries with that, well that's what you came here for, but when it comes to skincare it's a different story. SAs need to accept that perhaps not everyone wants to use everything in their routine from Clinque. Clinque's fries is this 3 step set, cleanse, tone and moisturize. Another hit/miss product or set.

1. The cleanser, isn't for make-up removing and is nothing special. You're getting ripped off, and are better of buying something from the beauty isle at the drugstore (or Chemist Warehouse). It cleanses but that's about it.

2. Clarifying Lotion, another word for toner. It burns! With samples they have 3 types, but that does not include the one for sensitive skin which is the one they recommended for me. I wouldn't get it though, as Clean & Clear's Oil-Control Toner doesn't burn and is at a fraction of the price.

3. Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion/Gel  - I've actually bought both of these (from Sephora) and love them. It's my HG moisturizer. I discovered it a few years ago but was reluctant to buy it (Clinque costs twice as much here as it did back home), but then a friend was going to the US and got it for me. Over the past decade I've tried many moisturizers, and never found the one. But this is it, I found that with long-term use it did improve the condition of my skin. While it still made me oily it was something I could deal with (this was before I discovered C&C's toner). Highly recommend - but do try before you buy. In case you're wondering I use the gel where I'm oily and lotion everywhere else.        

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