Number One Nemesis @ Monday, February 18, 2013

This or rather late week, was the last week I was under house arrest for now, till the next round of exams or as mother would like it till I get that phd. Monday afternoon started with the eco exam. There were a couple Qs I went blank on, other than that it went alright. Much better than last time anyway.

On the way to exam we stopped by the PO to post this. 
How it is that I have process pictures but none of the final product is beyond me...

A lovely bracelet from miss eco.

The exam was on the same time as my card making class so we missed it, though I already had my V-Day card ready to send :P As I posted about before.

Secret Recipe was offering free wedges if you signed up for email spam. Oven baked, straight from the supermarket, served with sweet chilli sauce & sour cream. I would have posted the offer here except that they had a list of emails to confirm you subscribed.

Tuesday, we went to the 'Annual Ladies Pancake Tossing Race' to celebrate Shrove Tuesday, International Pancake Day. I'm amazed that I could run 400m :P as I haven't ran since middle school, back when I always won the 100m & 200m sprint.

Afterwards we had lunch with Emily, who missed the race as she was running late (not literally :P) at Peko Peko, one of my favorite lunch places. They've had a price change since we last went there. Unfortunately thanks to Emily I will never eat at Red Pepper again, or have Indian food. Seriously every time when I even think about Indian food that unpleasant memory comes up. * shudders*

A b'day present Emily got me last year, from C&E. 
This might be picture of the week. :) 

After lunch we went shopping. Someone mother thought she could fool me, and refilled my expensive shampoo/conditioner with cheap china crap undoubtedly she bought it bulk. And so it's ruined (good news, I only had 1-2 weeks worth left). Yes it may be $50 for both, but its lasted me about six months. My new shampoo is Lush's Jumping Jupiter. Skipping conditioner and trying out tea rises.

Has anyone tried oil cleansing? Shu Uemura was offering samples - in exchange for your name, number, address, phone and email. I always have two sets of fake details in my mind. ;) Tom Ford has a new unisex perfume, Neroli Portifino. It reminds me of D&D's Light Blue, which is le beau's signature scent. I gave him the sample, which he quite likes.

Exchanged my DJ sample bag, and got a different nail polish. Number One Nemesis, a steal grey nail polish with a hint of blue. Contains golden glitter dust that creates texture. It's from OPI's Spiderman Collection. There was also a lovely cobalt blue 'Into the Sky' I think it was called, but I didn't think I'd wear it as much. 

I can't stand the way Emily shops. Yes she knows this. She likes to be as vague as possible and browse. A V-Day present for her new boy (yes you read correctly, boy not man), and a dress. Preferably red. No she didn't know where she was going to find it, or have a budget. Am I the only person who rarely buys a new dress for an occasion as I have something for a almost every occasion? I also browse online, and call to reserve it before I come.

Finished reading 'To Kill a Mockingbird' the other day. It's an American classic set during the 1930s (Great Depression). We read it in middle school though never actually studied it. I didn't understand anything that was implied as usual with books we would have analyzed... Wow, someone drew an amazing map of Maycomb, using the info from the book. Back in middle school I would have loved to do that task. Lots of analyzing and attention to detail require. :P My specialty. 

Wednesday we went to dinner with jas at the Pancake Parlour near our old college.

Thursday was spent asleep. Mail! A 3kg box from C&E, arrived. :)

Friday we had a training day, for some upcoming events.

Saturday we had afternoon tea with le beau & co., board games, homemade pizza and Caesar salad, and went to a concert, Beethoven and Bartók.

Lots of picture coming soon. :)     

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