Meet the Cast @ Thursday, March 07, 2013

Main Characters

Cute Little Fluffy White Bunny Rabbit
Wears pink bows around her ears. Likes carrots, pink 
and Barbie. And the occasional dress-up. My best friend 
who if often assumed my lesbian lover till they meet her.

The Costumer
My friend from events. Who says she’s born 
two centuries too late. Loves dressing up, and old NY.  
Hopes of being a wedding planner and personal stylist.

The Grammar Nazi*
*He’s also a spelling Nazi. :P The brain, 
an engineer and lover of motorsports. Hasn’t 
been seen since ’08, needs to get out more. 

The Foodie
Doesn't like to wear uniforms, even though he looks good 
in them. Loves good food and the going to theatre. A very 
laid-back easy going person – unlike me. Also a bad influence.

le beau & co.

le beau
The Musician
Works in the country as a elementary teacher, spends most weekends 
in the city (with me ;). He has a way with words and music. Not much is 
known posted about him, other than he’s wonderful and amazing. ;)

The Fairy Princess
le beau’s sister, an art & music teacher. She’s very nice, and 
is an expert on make-up & DIY beauty products. Loves high tea, the ballet, 
opera and dressing up. Rides horses as a hobby and on a competitive level.  

Helen & Adrian
The Doctors 
le beau’s SIL, and brother. Both are amazing cooks and love 
card/board games. Helen once tried to help me with the sewing machine 
despite never using one before ^^. They both love entertaining, and tennis.  

Secondary Characters & Guests
The Receptionist
Never been seen w/o make-up or without a huge tote. 
Stylish on her terms, minimalist in neutrals. Studying make-up 
& business of some sort. Loves every shade of nail polish, a collector.

The Twiggy Mastermind*
Inspired by Light from Death Note, an anime which he loves. 
He studies the mind, though unlike Freud, does not believe everything 
is related to sex. :P Loves Chess. Needs to get out more and chill.
*in his opinion. he may have a huge ego issue...

Mr Personality
The nicest and most friendly person I’ve ever met, a ray of sunshine. 
A mentor with the most amazing time management skills.
Always happy to answer questions. :) We have bi-annual visits. 
*Heather is Hector, the girl character just looks nicer in the same outfit.  

Past Characters

The Writer
The only person I’ve ever met who’s remotely like me.

The Impervious One
Cute boy in my IT class. Perfect dance partner height. Bland on personality.
Turned out to be a mere figment of my imagination. He's gone now.

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