Second Half - First Week Back @ Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Nothing was achieved on Wednesday. Felt exhausted  missed an event and my first PD class. But I did make it to the events excursion. Arrived on time, freaked out a lot little that I didn't see anyone familiar - except ms events, but even then I wasn't certain it was her as I've only seen her twice. The way I remember her is that she looks like an asian version of ms hoh (same build and hair style) - and she wears a suit and heels just like her. Not many woman wear suits or dress that formally/nice around here - other than me. :P

Events excursion: AIME. The presentation was meh, it was informative though and didn't go for that long. After that we were let loose in the expo, where I saw a group of school boys do a coffee run (check out all the stands/vendors that offered free coffee), and an asian woman who click her fingers at the waiter who then ignore her XD. 

Most of the stands had candy to attract potential customers (buyers I think they were called). As it was a trade show not everyone could get in - not that that would want to. The expo featured all things events (large scale) like airlines, hotels, lots of hotel, travel related things, and two restaurant cafe area, an Indian one and Malaysian.     

Only one vendor used chandeliers (I love chandeliers , but there were three amazing displays. One was Decorative Events & Exhibitions, and they had a handmade papercraft corner stall. All those flowers you see on the wall are 3D and very cool.

The other stunning one was Dolton House. Classic Elegance. It was stunning. Dolton House does venues & catering. The stall was designed by the papercraft people. 

Couldn't resist having two pictures. It was pretty... and lots of girls though so cause they keep getting their friends to take phone picture of them. It took a while to clear the space.

Queensland Signature Events

Not sure what this one was for...

I wore a suit and carried a handbag that hurt my shoulder and still I was judged - by security. Failure to wear heels. If I wore heels I'd need a bag to put the shoes in. Tiny handbag or heels, can't have both. Does anyone else think it's unfair that girls have to carry tiny handbags that don't fit anything and heels that hurt?  

Thursday was another day spent stressed out and in bed.

Friday I had Contract Law. Contracts was one of my favourite topics when I did Legal Studies quite a while back. Ian was my teacher and he was great (according to me) but below average (according to everyone else) probably because I took up all his time. :P

The lecturer is the tutor, he's nice and looks familiar, I've probably have seen him around like mr events. It's funny how typing this right now I don't really remember what any of my new lec/tutors look like other than a shape description (height, size, hair style). When I try to recall their faces it's blank. Except I do recall mr law had glasses, and maybe mr mob too.

The tut was canceled as only one person (not me this time) bought the work to class, it was in a huge .doc that we got which had everything about the subject it in. Eighty something pages. Four maybe. I did suggest we change to a room with a projector or computer lab, feeling death glares as I suggested it. :P Being a Friday afternoon the cbf factor around me was high, and so we just went home. Mr law was unpleasantly surprised to see me on the same train and carriage as him XD though I did get there first. Fortunately I restrained myself from asking any Qs. Nothing worse than leaving work, loosing your tie only to find out one of the kids wants to ask a billion questions on your way home.


Sharon Lee Brow Gel
Unfortunately I got the dark brown which is too dark for me.

Indy C Skull Studded Satchel


It's one of the biggest handbags  I've got. :) Though IMO it's still small... I don't understand how other girls can carry just a handbag, my DSLR and clipboard doesn't fit in there, and my water bottle takes up half the space. I like to have all my things with me like a first aid kit, mini tripod, folded tote bag, bubbles, etc. 

Does anyone else have a 'handbags are too small' issue?   

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